What are some protein alternatives to eggs?

Jorge N.
Nuts and nut butters are great. If you’re allergic or can’t eat them, looking for things like flours with higher protein can be great. I buy a pancake mix made with lupin pulse flour, for example, that has pretty high protein.

Zeni P.
Oh there's so many! Any kind of meat is a great option especially chicken. Yogurt is good & so is milk if you're looking for something quick. If you're vegan or vegetarian broccoli is full of protein as well as oats, a variety of different nuts, & many other vegetables. Google has tons of different sites that list all sorts of food high in protein if none of the ones I mentioned suit your fancy 🙂

Jasmine E.
Eggs can give you energy and it has a lot of protein. It's also very tasty and I'm sure it will lighten up your taste buds 😉

Maisie G.
Some protein alternatives to eggs could include: Tofu, Peanut Butter, Almonds, Cheddar Cheese and chickpeas. Wether your vegan, vegetarian or not there is many different foods out there for everyone. Hope this helps! good luck on your journey<3