When do you usually eat breakfast?

S L Na Y.
I wake up at 8:30 am (I'm trying to wake up at 8:00am), I drink a glass of water, I go to the bathroom and then I eat breakfast. I am hungry when I wake up so I try to do it as soon as possible.
Valmira I.
In weekdays I try to eat breakfast as soon as I wake up or within an hour which usually means I try to eat before 8 am. On weekends it gets later but still tries to get there within my first hour of being awake
Mads C.
Since I'm still working on waking up earlier I usually have breakfast on a time between 8 and 10 am. However, I'd like to have breakfast before 8am and as I said before I'm still working on that.
T P.
I usually wake up and have water then after about two hours of me being awake I’ll make myself a light meal around 10:30am
Ma Lle Q.
At 10.30 am. I'm a person who wake up around 6 am, straight drink around 700ml to 1L water, nk coffee, tea or milk till my breakfast at 10.30 am
Roxane E.
Usually, I eat my breakfast soon as I wake up. I’m not a super morning hungry person. I wake up, make my bed, and 10 min later give me appetite
Renee Q.
I usually eat about an hour after I get up just because of how early I wake up if I get breakfast right when I do it might wake up everyone in the house because there’s not really any breakfast foods that I don’t have to be cooked in the house right now