How do you manage to get a good breakfast when you are traveling?

Hoda F.
I think it's better to prepare your breakfast night before so you can eat your good breakfast in the morning with no problem . You can take your breakfast items from home or you can buy them during traveling .
Dale U.
I used to wake up earlier than everyone else I was traveling with , go to anywhere with good food, and eat something light and easy. Then, when everyone was awake (usually 3 hours later), I also ate a meal with them too. This way, I get some exercise in by walking to the restaurant, and I also eat a great breakfast!
Imane B.
I usually prepare my breakafast meals a day before and stock them so wherevee i go have smtg healthy with that i can eat wherever i want
Marcus Z.
If your hotel has amenities like a kitchen or even just a microwave, then you could pack some breakfast items like instant oatmeal. Also many hotels offer breakfast fruit
Jade F.
Plan ahead what breakfast options you'll have available. If you're going on a camping trip or somewhere you can cook, bring the ingredients. If you're subject to only restaurants, just make sure to eat energy food. Either way, it's vacation, so give yourself some slack as long as you get right back on track when you come home.
Melanie Z.
preplan your meals; either allocate enough time to eat at home or pack something that is easy to eat on the go the night before!
Nico C.
Meal preparation is it… you can simply make your own cereal with some oats, some Seeds like Sunflowerseeds or Pumpkinseed. Whatever you like😉 but du it in a big style like instantly mix up 2 KG of it an now you just have du buy some Fruits and take them with you. Add some Milk on top and Violá, there is your perfekt Breakfast…
Julius Z.
Definately it will be challenging when it come to travelling, because it is easy to prepare my breakfast at home compare when I'm away, i have to order what is available which sometime is not fit to my morning plan
Elda Q.
If it's a breakfast buffet I try to make healthy choices and eat what I would at home. Otherwise, keeping nuts, seeds and fruits handy works too.
Gabor S.
I usually prepare it beforehand and take it with me. A trail mix of nuts and dry fruits, or fresh fruits like apples or bananas. Maybe even a sandwich.
Cindy F.
When traveling, its best to carry along snacks. Fruits and nuts work well. Instead of stopping by a drive thru, stop at a health food store or natural food store. It will be easier to resist common unhealthy foods if you don't shop at places that sell them.
Niamh J.
When i go on holiday i normally go to a serves stop and we get a drink and alot of snacks and we put them in a cooler until we get to a village and then we stop of at a pub and get breakfast there i normally have pancakes or a breakfast rap and they are verry verry nice. Then we get to the airport and get some lunch witch is a sandwitch and crisps and a drink and alot of sweets for the plane ✈
Lester Y.
Prepare your breakfast in the evening if you have to leave early. When your abroad on a trip you can take some things from home or in most places you can buy nuts or eggs which are when boiled hard easy to take with you and give you what you need. At home A smoothy is something easy to take with you and is made quite fast but is good for you.