What if you really don’t like food in the morning?

Brita Y.
if you don't like food in the morning, you can try substituting regular breakfast items with alternatives, like yogurt and smoothies. Or, try reducing the amount of breakfast you have each morning and see if that can change your outlook.
Miya J.
I suggest to atleast a bit of food, for example a banana or an apple. Or something like granola or cereal. Try to find something that you enjoy eating and also you can try to make it look nice on your plate. So that your breakfast looks appetizing and you enjoy making it. Also a cup of black or green tea would be good, because it gives you some energy. I hope this answer was helpful and don't forget to drink a glass of water in the morning 🙂
Adalbert U.
What about smoothies or protein shakes . Can you take the time to prepare yourself a smoothie filled with nutrients to kickstart your day ? I bet you can .
Dagmar G.
Try to eat something small, I struggle with eating in the morning as well. I eat something like a ricecake with berries and try to enjoy it!
Anton W.
Honestly speaking usually I don't like to have my breakfast healthyly but now a days i started to have it with full intrest when mama calls me to have breakfast i use to think that aj to maza a.. jayega like that while going to the kitchen n i don't like other to serve me so I myself go n serve what I wanted to have today n have it with full of interest like a hungry man like this i usually have my breakfast even if it is not likable..🙂 that's it try this who knows it may works on you also .,… Bybye de!ar…. Good luck!
Maja C.
If you are not liking any food in the morning just do one thing that drink as much water as you can in the morning and go for playing or running or whatever you want to do at morning but it should be physical and then your mind will tell you to have a breakfast
Dianne P.
It depends. Sometimes I really enjoy eating food in the morning and in that case I can eat everything (I could eat a whole pizza). On the other hand, other time, I canto even drink water without feeling nauseos