What is your favorite quick healthy breakfast go-to?

Lison O.
Typically it would be toast with butter and Vegemite, but if I prepared everything the night before it would possibly be either a fruit salad or a chia seed pudding
Anolido S.
I love soft boiled eggs, or an omelette. Eggs are my protein go to. If I'm struggling with time, a quick protein/green shake gets me started for the day – with more veggies and less fruit 🙂
Bertram C.
Eggs are the best for me
Easy to prepare can be microwaved in the morning if necessary
Prepared meals are great too
If all else fails a protein shake is helpful
Oatmeal is handy if you can cook at work to heat up or cook
I like the idea of overnight prep but don’t like cold oatmeal and commuting with open or under secured liquids can be tricky
Brayden S.
I don’t do quick breakfasts, it’s one of the most important meals of the day. So eggs, white bread, some veggies and pasta are perfect
Octaviano Q.
mini quesadilla with small bit of medium salsa, small amount of unseasoned carnitas and mild cheddar in it. side of small bit of sour cream and chips (sometimes cheese too)
Hans Peter E.
i make oatmeal in a cooker the night before with a timer so it’s hot in the morning, throw it in a bowl with some berries and such and it’s a nice breakfast 🙂
Lucy Z.
Tumeric eggs with tomato, spinach, toast and chai tea.
Albert Z.
Eggs. I like them poached and soft boiled but if I'm in a hurry I can just scramble them in the microwave.
Rhonda R.
If it's gotta be quick then a spoonful of peanut butter smeared on two slices of 45 calorie whole grain bread (Sara Lee) and half of a banana in one slice and the other half on the remaining slice.
Stephanie S.
Bananas are easy and healthy way of beginning the day , it gives so much energy alongside tea and some eggs you're good to go
Frida C.
Normally something I can prepare in advance to save time in the morning. Overnight oats are incredible perfect for both summer and winter. Mixing in all sorts of fruits nuts and even cocoa for a delicious treat
Scarlett F.
I usually go for boiled eggs. I also like to eat some fruits, drink milk, and have some nuts
Tony T.
A protein shake is helpful or hardboiled eggs, because during the work week it's so much easier