What’s your go-to breakfast when you’re in a rush?

Isidro P.
I take one shake Herbalife. Its fast, easy and healthy….and delicious. There have chocolate, late and other, but this two are my favorite

Lonnie O.
I usually eat natural turkish yoghurt (the really thick one with high fat) with some cereal like cheerios or corn flakes and top it with raspberry jam/a banana and or a little honey ☺️☺️ And coffee of course!

Shirlei A.
A simple bowl of cereal and soymilk or any milk you may like and if you’re in a pinch use Greek yogurt instead of milk to make yourself a healthy on the go snack.

Kevin S.
I always go eggs. I hard boil a few and store them in case I’m out of time. Scrambled eggs only take 10 or so minutes. I cook the bacon first and use the leftover grease. Hey—I actually have tried eggs Rocky style. Not bad. Not great.

Nina W.
For a quick breakfast some wholegrain/brown toast spread with a tasty nut butter. You can put the toast on while you are in the bathroom, or getting dressed.