What other healthy breakfast options are there for people on the go?

Samanta C.
For me it is so much more about making sure I am not 'on the go'. I opt for fatty, fibery, proteiny to keep me satiated (raisin bran and whole milk, eggs and avocado toast, oatmeal with cheese and eggs, etc).
I for sure choose things that take little time to prepare, like eggs, toast, oat bran (which is more nutrient dense and cooks as quickly as rolled oats). I opt for a lot of milk in my coffee for protein so I dont have to wait on cooking bacon or sausage (tho I sometimes will do microwave bacon when I am craving hard)….But I choose to take the 5-10 minutes to cook, then the 10 or so minutes to sit down and eat. I'm not trying to rush. I'm trying to wake up fully and as stress free as possible. So #1 tip?
I. Just. Get. Up. Earlier.
Owen E.
Egg , Dry Fruits , Shakes , Milk , Apple ,
Warren F.
Oatmeal cups (Quaker has a lot of yummy flavors), Nature Valley bars, boiled eggs, fruit bowls, homemade breakfast sandwiches (these should take no more than 5-7 mins to make). I’m an on the go wife and mother so these are just some of the more healthier options I do for myself. Depending on what my week looks like, there may be two or three days a week that I can actually sit down and have a real good breakfast and relax. Honestly you have to make time to eat breakfast and depending on your health and diet, adjust what you’re eating. I know sometimes it can be tough, but you have to prioritize and make these things a habit through discipline and commitment.
Mara O.
Fruits and nuts, and some fresh juice to wake up your brain!
Laro C.
I am not a breakfast person so I normally eat a small portion early and have a snack later. I portion canned fruits in to-go cups and pack craisins and a granola bar for my snack.
Cibele G.
Hard boiled egg and piece of fruit , or a smoothie with protein powder. Costco has frozen fruit and greens in individual packets ready to blend with your favorite nut milk juice or water.
Mylan C.
I'm always in a rush so a good option is a banana with peanut butter but don't go overboard with the butter because it becomes really heard to chew and swallow. Also, dear Fabulous, can you do something with this answer thing? It's so horrible. Basically unusable.
Wendy E.
Oats with nuts, muesli with fruit salad, boiled egg with toast, cheese and tomato, lemon water, lemon + honey + ginger tea.
Tamara W.
Try to prepare the stuff like vegitable, fruit and oatmeal in advance. It will take just several minutes to heat the overnight oatmeal and enjoy the salad.
Troy P.
I don’t have a lot of time to make something every morning so I’ve been enjoying fruit cups, protein bars, instarnt oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and yogurt
Katrine Y.
I tend to do some sort of protein shake or drink in the morning. Or frozen sausage and eggs which are quick and easy to heat in the microwave.
Tim E.
Granola with nuts and a little bit of yogurt: the granola softens with the yogurt, but isn't liable to spill.

Or boil a few eggs one night while making dinner and keep them in the fridge to grab in the morning. Supplement with a bit of fruit.