How do you plan your breakfast out? Do you grocery shop for your breakfast for the whole week or day by day?

Edgar E.
Personally I never know what I will eat in the morning. I just wake up and kinda decide on what to eat if I'm feeling eggs or cereal…
Aleksandra C.
It is usually the same every day, or mostly the same. So I always have the products in stock. However, I would really like to make it more variable and healthy, mainly to install good eating habits for my kids.
Vava T.
Well my mom brings fruits every once in a weak, so I dont need to worry other than that you always buy a bag of nuts super healthy stuff:D if you live alone you buy once a week I guess i dont know much but take care (^-^)
Elliot B.
Usually am buying all the needs for the whole week so that I spare time not to go every day to the grocery.
And when I had everything in front of me this decide quickly what time repare fot breakfast
Cecilie C.
I go day by day and shop in my fridge and pantry but my mom goes shopping every week and I ask her to get certain things that I can use that week
Benny N.
i usually shop for the whole week cause i don’t have the possibility and the motivation to do it everyday. try to make often the same breakfast, it will beacons a habit and it will make it easier! 🙂
Andrea C.
I have found that meal planning has been the best tool for eating consistently and healthier. Since I don't have much of an appetite in the morning, I prepared by having a large bag of mixed nuts readily available near my bed with my water. When I actually get up, I have a few small handfuls and that's enough to kickstart my energy.