What are some healthy and tasty protein options for breakfast?

Elise W.
Protein oatmeal make it with putting protein powder in after you cook the oatmeal and add banana and nut butter of your choice
Diovanda Z.
Hello user, I'm Dr Aishwarya. Healthy protein options must include the following
1. Egg- it is a complete protein. It consists of all the amino acids needed for the body. You can consume hard boiled eggs as per your diet to fulfil your hunger.
2. Milk- similarly, milk also has almost all the amino acids. It's is also a good source of calcium. A glass of flavoured milk can definitely replace tea.
3. Banana also has a lot of benefits. The above 3 mentioned are also easily available and affordable items.
4. Lentils- Any breakfast made of pulses. Moong moth sprouts made like a salad is really tasty and healthy.
5. Dry fruits and nuts
Ishika N.
Hey dear ! It actually depends upon r u a vegetarian , non vegetarian or u are a vegan…!!
If u r a vegan then you can have some bread and salad ..its very good for Health and it makez your skin gr8 too .. now if u r a non vegetarian u can have fish fry or have some pork with coffee,tea or juice. you can also have an egg ….and if u r a vegetarian u can have none other than a vegetable sandwich …and coffe or tea whatever u prefer.. ..and yes one important thing is u must take care what's the time u r doing breakfast..it really matters… breakfast is the meal of morning..make sure u eat ur breakfast in the morning only 😁😁😁do tell me the results..