What are some quick keto breakfasts I can make?

Roberta U.
Hard boiled eggs made the night before. Sausage egg sandwich with the sausage as the buns. Cabbage hash browns, sounds weird but super delish. Make a keto breakfast cups with eggs and protein of choice and veggies then freeze. You can just heat them up in the morning on the go.
Justin U.
omlet with capsicum and spinach

avocado with egg and cheese

avocado scrambled eggs

pepperoni with avocado and eggs

keto bread with cheese and salmon

Ida Z.
I would prepare a fried egg sandwich. My go to quick breakfast. Fry the egg add salt and pepper with a little oregano topped with cheese. With toasted bread. Yum
L O T.
Even just grabbing an apple or other fruit as you head out of the door can be beneficial, but here are some quick breakfasts I like:
Fruit with yogurt and muesli
A fruit smoothie
A yogurt fruit smoothie
Anita E.
Try eating more fruits and nuts in the morning. Also, you could try making over night oats! There are so many recipes out there and there already there for you when you wake up!
Madison X.
I like to keep it simple most mornings so I prep some boiled eggs and drink a protein/meal replacement shake. You can also prep some breakfast tacos using low carb tortillas and place them in the fridge the night before. They don't keep for very long so don't make too many in advance.
Selma P.
I like to make fluffed eggs with avocado and cheese. So whip the egg whites, bake them and then put the yoke on top and bake a little more depending on what type of yoke you want. Then just half an avocado with some salt and a piece of cheese! Sometimes I’ll have yogurt instead of cheese. Enjoy!
Franciane E.
I LOVE CHIA PUDDINGS ! Is easy to make, gluten free, keto friendly and most of all full of fibre, omegas and is super easy to batch make for the week ahead if you want to do some meal prep. Best ratio I have found is 1/2 cup of almond milk to 2tablespoons of chia seeds. I make my own almond milk with some vanilla paste and a medjool date so it is super smooth, creamy and vanilla is just amazing anyways so I’ll add it to anything. Once you mix the milk and seeds together give it a good mix and let sit for 10min this is VITALLY IMPORTANT but you need to mix it again after 10minutes, otherwise it’s just Clumps at the base and texture wise isn’t very good. Anyways good luck ! 💛