Can you give me a few ideas for a wholesome breakfast that involves no cooking?

Courtney O.
Grabbing an apple or banana and a handful of nuts is a go to I’m rushing in the AM. I also will make a protein shake with pre-portioned veggies and fruits. All I do is grab a smoothie bag from the freezer, throw it in the blender with almond milk and protein powder and I’m all set!
Yuracek U.
Bread is great! Grab a slice of half- or wholegrain bread, toast it if you want, and put on anything you like. Ham and cheese, cheese and tomato, salmon, avocado, boil an egg and use tube caviar if you can get it. You can also put a ham and cheese slice in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to make a cheese melt.
Hannah M.
Fruits to start off in the morning are great! Especially when you’re in a rush, an apple or banana offers high nutrition and energy throughout the day. I love to eat yogurt and granola in the mornings, to be honest better than fruit and is my go to. I never get sick of it because of all the diverse flavors there’s to offer.
Faith W.
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Ilias S.
Any sort of fruit or veggies fresh out the fridge, or any sort of prepackaged yet healthy breakfast bars or somethin for sure. Make some muffins (like blueberry or banana nut!) and have em ready to go for the week!
Marcus Q.
Personally one of my favorite easy breakfasts is a banana with honey and cinnamon because it's healthy but it is also sweet and pleased my sweet tooth side.
Katie O.
Yogurt with granola, nuts, berries, or/and fruits, or leave off the yogurt, or the granola, or both. Carrots, celery, or cucumbers with hummus. Leftover veggie dinner dishes such as kale or collards, eaten cold.
Jacob C.
I like to eat a lot of fruit maybe some yogurt and a granola bar or some nuts. You can mix and match fruits yogurts and nuts of your choice to make a filling and low calorie breakfast.
Olivia N.
Overnight oats! You make them the night before which makes it super easy for breakfast the next morning. There’s also so many different kinds you can make- chocolate, banana, pumpkin…..the list goes on!
Sarah Y.
Overnight oats are fantastic. Prep them the night before and they’re ready to go for you in the morning! With a bit of peanut butter theyre filling and delicious!