Anyone have any breakfast ideas that you can do without cooking and that don’t have a lot of sugar or too much protein? I’m getting tired of plain oat meal with fruit or stevia for some flavor and the healthier less sugar filled granola bars….and apples!

Lexin N.
I like to have a mug of nonfat plain Greek yogurt. I add a little bit of Mighty Mango to that, sprinkle in some blue berries, and some walnuts or honey if I feel like it.
Noufa E.
Smoothies is a another good choice for fast breakfast ideas. Give you some recipe, you can have an early oat smoothie breakfast just add into the blender cup a scoop of oat, banana, raspberry, spinach and any type of milk you like sometimes i prefer almond milk. I sometimes like to have a piece of whole bran bread spread with peanut butter with banana on the top and add cinnamon topping