Does anyone else do intermittent fasting and skip breakfast?

Ubiara I.
I used to skip breakfast every day, but discovered much too late that it is not healthy. The body ends up running on reserve energy in the morning. Doing this for years eventually threw off my adrenal system long-term. I don't recommend skipping breakfast if you have a demanding schedule.
Violetta I.
I don't skip breakfast because it is my most important meal of the day. If we don't eat, then after a few hours I won't be able to concentrate enough on something other than hunger. But if you feel good on a healthy intermittent fast, you don't have stomach or other organ problems, then you can safely skip breakfast. Customize the application to suit your needs. Good luck 🙂
Valentina N.
Even though that’s a great method to not fast while awake, for me that’s not the case. Breakfast means so much and I enjoy it a lot, I cook it so it’s a tad terapeutic too (to cook your own meals), I just can’t skip breakfast. It’s easier for me to not eat at night, but it’s totally fine if you do it.
Sander Z.
Yes, you're not the only one but you should try a 8:16 hour fasting and eat between 12 and 7 pm, it works wonders and don't forget to drink lots of water 🙂
Lacie Q.
I don’t think I consider what I do in the morning fasting… I sleep in late, 10-11am. Than by the time that I shower, clean up, and get ready for my day it’s about 12-12:30. Lunchtime. I’ve been trying to focus on waking up earlier to force myself to eat breakfast. Start small if you’re not used to eating in the morning. Eat some granola and yogurt, or a banana and some toast. Than as you get more and more used to it start eating bigger more filling meals such as pancakes, biscuits and gravy, fruit salads. Another helpful tip is to buy things that you have to set out. Butter braids, cinnamon rolls, etc. Where you have to lay them out to thaw. Than you see it the next morning and it reminds you that you need to eat breakfast!
Lauren Z.
personally, i skip breakfast, but not as fasting. just because i'm busy. but i'm sure there are PLENTY others that do that.