Favorite prepared night before quick breakfasts?

Mr Q.
I don't know, tbh I don't really have a lot of time to cook anything at night for the next day so quick breakfasts. I didn't really understand the question but I hope that answers the question.
Eleanor A.
Yes ! That's really good idea. In fact, I think I could plan the week every Sunday and make myself prepared for the upcoming week!
Jonathan P.
Overnight oats with cinnamon and a banana mashed in 😅 I like to top it with fresh fruit in the morning. Cantaloupe or pineapple are my favorites.
Sofi X.
Overnight oats! 350g rolled oats, 1l plantbased milk, 45g linseed, 50g agave syrup. Stir together, pour into small containers (like those yogurt cups you can get) and cover, let sit in the fridge over night. That'll make like 8portions that'll last for 4-5 days. Tip! Put berries like blueberry or raspberry or like a berrycompot in the bottom of the cup you're gonna use, you can do this in advance, and when you're about to eat you can put your favorite granola or muesli ontop.
This recipe is like a basic for overnight oats, you can switch it up by for example: use 700dl plantbased milk and 300g mango soygurt instead of 1L, add mango pieces in the bottom and serve with roasted coconutflakes. Or add 8g cinnamon and 63g dried apple pieces, put an applecompot in the bottom and serve with granola. :))
Maja P.
Overnight oats! Make enough for 2/3 days and add toppings in the morning. Or make some homemade granola to go with yoghurt and fruit
Charlotte N.
Chia seed pudding-soak chia seed in some coconut milk, add fruit and honey. Close jar and by the morning you have a delicious meal
Nick F.
I am not a big eater in the morning so there is not much prepping the night before. I typically eat some frozen fratattas or grab some oatmeal and protein shake. I’m a big vitamin taker, so that’s what I typically prepare the night before.
Steven T.
I usually opt for a fluid breakfast, since I get up really early.

I will load my blender with Leafy Green Powder, Chia Seeds, Just Soy Protein, Hemp Seed Powder and some Raw Cacao.
Sometimes I’ll add Moringa Powder but it does increase my body temperature significantly so I use it when needed.

Then when I’m having my smoothie I’ll prepare eggs in the morning for later in the day.

Hope this helps.

Melinda F.
I think what you mean is what breakfast option can be prepared in the night prior for less prep time in the morning. I do egg muffins and make a bunch at a time. You can put spinach, peppers, onions, cheeses, spices – whatever your heart desires! Also, I am about to attempt this pancake recipe that has only 4 ingredients: banana, eggs, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Again, you can freeze those for a long period of time! Hope this helps!
Andrea E.
A breakfast skillet I made the night before using eggs, diced potatoes, onions, peppers (anything you put in an omelet basically), and ground sausage. Cheese if you want any. Store in individual containers for quick grab and set up the next few mornings.
Nikolaj Y.
My favorite night before breakfast to make is actually new to me. I have found these protein pancakes. And they taste really good, I and a boiled egg as well. And on the pancake I put peanutbutter for a little extra on top. It's become my favorite breakfast and I get excited to eat my pancakes. I've only tried one flavor of the kodiak cakes (peanutbutter) and I'm excited to try more!
Susie J.
Veggie and egg cups. Whisk 12 eggs, dice veggies (any you like) and shred some cheese. Spray muffins liners, then add some veggies and 1/2 – 1 Tbsp of cheese to each , and pour egg over them. Bake until cooked through the middle, then refrigerate and eat in the morning.