What’s your go-to breakfast when you know you’ve got a long day ahead?

Lily N.
I usually have something softer on the stomach like fruit or yogurt and maybe some toast, egg or a small and/or piece of meat. Cause I normally eat leftovers from dinner or make something heavier like cereal or a sandwich but if I am gonna be doing a lot and have a lot day a mixture of a few smaller foods I find helps a lot
Gabriela E.
When I have a long day ahead, without time to have snacks I eat:
1 Scrambled egg with Oregon and a slice of dark bread
1 bawl of +/- 30gr of muesli (less than 5gr of sugar / 100 gr of muesli) with sliced almonds and 1 sugar free liquid yogurt, with cinnamon
1 piece (ex. Apple) or slice (ex. Melon) of fruit
Isavella G.
I love having French toast in the morning. It tastes like pancakes in a way, so I foul myself into thinking I’m eating very sweet. It’s also very healthy and full of protein.
Alexa N.
2 Avocado toasts with eggs, any style eggs you want. Hard boiled, scrambled or over medium which is what I usually make, because I love the taste of the yolk.