When is the best time after waking to eat breakfast? If I eat too soon after getting up I feel nauseous and can’t finish my food.

Alex F.
I get up just before 7, and usually eat breakfast at about 8. That works for me, but the key for you will be finding YOUR ideal time. If leaving it one hour still leaves you feeling nauseous, try 1.5 hours, or two.

Jeff U.
The best time to eat breakfast is within two hours of waking up. Everyone is different so use those two hours in a way that is right for you.

Mike C.
I have to eat breakfast almost immediately after waking. I wake up early to go to work and I’d rather just eat a quick breakfast than lose any time that I have to sleep.

Sara T.
It depends. I personally if i wake up really hungry i make my breakfast first things first. If i wake up not really hungry i clean up my house a little bit and then make breakfast.

Susy N.
I find personally anything between 1-2 hours after waking is the best time to have breakfast but is good to drink a glass of water after waking up and on an empty stomach. It will help flush out toxins and keeps your body hydrated which also gives your stomach time to be able to handle food.

Britney F.
I like to eat my breakfast roughly 1 hour after I’ve woken up, after I’ve gone to the bathroom, written in my journal, meditated and done a little bit of exercise. I too feel sick if I eat too soon after waking, it’s good for me to start my day with other things before eating breakfast.

Dolores Q.
I have that problem too sometimes. I find that it helps me to create time for flexibility in the morning. That way, as soon as I feel like I can eat, I can. Then I'm not stressed for time and having to shove something in my mouth before I'm ready. This strategy has helped me a lot because then I'm creating a more positive relationship with my appetite. I can take care of my body on my own time, because my body tells me when it's ready.

Mikkel Z.
Well if you get nauseous, try experimenting the best time for you. For example, try eating breakfast after you finished taking a shower. Or you can try 15-20 mins before you leave the house.

Christiana F.
There's no universal best time. Don't force yourself, and if you generally don't feel like eating in the mornings, try to schedule a later meal or perhaps consider intermittent fasting!

Ladybird N.
I eat 15 minutes after I get up. If that's too soon for you try 30 minutes. Do what's best for you. Try out different times until you find what's right for you.

Pedrino P.
Well all organisms are different and for instance I wake up feeling super hungry. Some studies even say that not having breakfast before 10 am is better than having an unhealthy breakfast. I would recommend eating low sugar fruits like a green apple or having mash potatoes or a toast since they are good for sensible stomachs. It would be good to check with your doctor also.

Stephen P.
I have this same problem. My solution is to exercise or walk the dogs, anything with physical movement, before I eat. That usually works up my appetite enough to be able to eat a (usually) small breakfast.

Nikolaj X.
After getting out of bed, first take a shower and get dressed. Then pack your lunch and prepare your breakfast. That way your body had the time to wake up

Annamaria U.
First thing after brushing teeth. If you choose the correct, healthy breakfast you won’t feel nauseated. Banana or porridge are a good start. Doesn’t have to be a full meal. It helps kick start metabolism. Then you can eat larger meal later on in the day.

Zainab N.
After an hour or so as my appetite is not build up yet. Also, i prefer to have breakfasr after a light exercise or activity that's if i woke up early (7-8am). If I woke up around 10am onwards I prefer to have brunch, a bigger fuller meal to last me till 3-4pm. As I'm a student I tend to sleep very late at night (3-4am) thus, i wake up just enough time to get ready for class so I have a light breakfast (a fruit or dates or a cup of plant-based milk usually)

Arthur T.
It's better to start with something like a cup of tea or coffee (with one or two dates instead of sugar), get to work, and then get to breakfast after a half-hour break so you're hungry enough for eating the most important meal of the day.

Mia Z.
I recommend you to eat breakfast after you did your morning routine. That includes making your bed, doing your skincare routine, brushing your teeth, and stretching. After that you can eat breakfast, because it is better to eat it after you brushed your teeth, rather than before you brushed your teeth.