How long after awakening, do you typically eat breakfast?

Janel P.
I usually wake up. Take my medications and then make coffee. I straighten up around the house. Then I sit with my breakfast and coffee and prepare for the day.
Lacksmi P.
About 30-60 mins after waking up. I usually get distracted with other things and end up coming around to that part of my routine later on.
Gerti N.
After waking, I typically sit on my phone, make tea, take my vitamins, then breakfast. This typically takes up 1-2 hours of my morning.
Tjshana F.
It depends on the day and when I’m trying to get in my exercise. Some days I eat an hour after I wake and drink my water and lemon water. And other days when I have classes in the morning I wait a little later till after class so I can have a full breakfast.
Gitta F.
Most days one to two hours. Some days because of my work schedule it might be five hours. A handful of nuts helps me to stave off hunger and keep me going until I can eat breakfast.
Clara B.
About one hour. I drink water and coffee/hot tea first, while enjoying some quiet time, then I eat once the rest of my family wakes up.
Mareen E.
I lie in bed for a while to wake up slowly, so I usually eat breakfast two hours after waking up, but immediately after truly waking up and getting out of bed. I need that time before as space for a quiet greeting of the day, because I can't get that need fulfilled once I am out of bed.
Gunhild F.
I typically have breakfast around 10:30 am. This is after I’ve had my coffee and my bathroom time, after a workout and a dog walk, and after some deep work and cleaning in the mornings. I am too nauseous in the mornings and cannot stomach food before 10:30
Jane U.
after 15 to 30 mins. After waking up, i go to toilet, brush my teeth, wash my face, set hair and eat breakfast. if i go out i put makeup before so it's between 15 to 30mins.
Alison N.
I’ve experimented a bit, and what works best for me is to go for my morning walk first. So typically breakfast is around an hour after waking.
Aubrey S.
I am generally not ready to eat anything at all for a couple of hours. I will mix a pinch of coconut oil with a dairy free creamer in my coffee to give my body something to burn until my stomach can handle food.
Rayan F.
i usually wake up at 7:40 AM for my online school and since i have a break at 10:05 AM i take the advantage of that and eat in my break but before i have my breakfast i make sure to drink a water bottle when i wake up and drink tea with fruits
Iris Z.
Usually I eat breakfast after one or two hours after awakening, because I need some time to stretch, comb hair or easily for my lazyness
Lily Z.
It takes me a while before Im hungry! Sometimes not until 8, or even 10am. I'm using fabulous to adjust my schedule to a more accurate account of when I start to get hungry instead of skipping because I'm not hungry yet at 6:30
Emmer F.
Right now it varies as I aim to be up at half 7 to eat breakfast from 8 till 8 15, but more often than not at the moment I will be waking up 8 or half 8 so having my breakfast usually 9 ish. But I aim for around 30 mins after waking in order to do my morning yoga/stretch.
Muhammad S.
In a good day, i will eat breakfast 5 minute after i woke up

In a bad day, i will eat breakfast in 2-3 hours after i woke up

Lewis U.
It depends on the breakfast itself. if it is nourishing, then I eat for quite a long time, 20-30 minutes. Snd if
it'ssomethingg simple, like a peeled apple, then 5-10.
Beki T.
90 mins to 2 hours after waking up. 45 mins to 60 mins after getting up. But I want to improve this and get up closer to when I wake up
Sixela N.
I have a morning routine that I do before i sit down and actually eat. So for me, at least 2-3 hours. I try to let my body fully understand that im awake now and also i feel my best when i try to wake up my digestion slowly by hydrating as much as i can in the morning before plotting it with a big breakfast
Suzanne I.
About 30 minutes after awakening. I drink some water, take a shower, get dressed, take care of my kids and then we have breakfast together. I have to admit, on hollidays, I sometimes start the day with opening my phone. And on those days breakfast is delayd quite a bit.
Maryam M.
I wake up late. Typically i have to make breakfast for everyone. But i manage to eat it maybe 40 to 45 minutes after waking up.
Emeline O.
I wake up between 7 and 8 and usually eat about 9.30. I like to (usually) (blooming pandemic) drop the children at school and walk the dog before I eat.
Brandie P.
I follow the intermittent 16 hour diet. So I usually eat fruit till noon, starting at 10 am. I have to eat every couple of hours for health reasons, so I’ll start my day with healthy fruit choices.
Enver X.
Most of the time I eat breakfast around an hour after awakening. But I will recommend to eat breakfast right away you woke up first
Neiva A.
About an hour to an hour and a half, I tend to shower before I go downstairs but also spend some time in bed on my phone first
Kayla Z.
About 30 to 45 mknutes. I have to take meficine before eating, plus I prefer to excercise eitjout a full belly. And my breakfast ferls like a reward after exercise.
Irma Z.
Around 2 hours. I drink my water, read and then have been exercising so after all of that and then cooking the breakfast it's around 2 hours
Elo Se I.
Probably 30 minutes to an hour. I wake up early and am rarely hungry right away. Always have a glass of water and some coffee 🙂
Suhairin F.
I'm always woke up late because of sleeping late. I'm usually not eat breakfast because I have no time to eat breakfast when I need to go for work..
Donna U.
Usually 2 hours these days, because i have some routines before it, like meditation, yoga, self-planning, exercise and shower, but i am trying to change it to one hour
Phoebe Z.
Around 30 minutes if u have woken up hungry, but it does change sometimes I can go hours and not feel the need to eat, I just tend to let my body tell me instead if forcing breakfast in me.
Kaitlin Q.
So i wake up, do my water, stretching, & exercise, planner. so probably 30min. or so. but that’s just because i have work responsibilities after i plan my day that i have to do real quick.
Sky A.
To be honest I’m hungry right away but I try to drink my water first and have some bullet proof coffee and then after a little walking around the yard and hanging with the cats, I’ll make breakfast.