Is it okay to eat breakfast later in the morning (more like brunch)? Because it takes me a while to get hungry after I get up in the morning…like 2 1/2 – 3 hours!

Rebeca P.
I was that kind of person but now I prefer eating breakfast after getting up in the morning, it gives you energy and helps establish a balance between meals during the day
Terrance O.
Not for me. Drink water first, walk or tend to baby, and then I’m hungry.
Dwayne P.
I think I need to prepare for breakfast in advance and also I normally eat breakfast after a workout so will input the data once complete like a bruxnh around 10
Rafael E.
Before starting to use Fabulous, I was the same as you. The thought of food absolutely sickened me first thing in the morning! What I did was start small. I had three strawberries for the first week. The next week I had a banana and three strawberries. Keep building yourself up this way. Now, I can't make the hour after waking up without breakfast! Hope this helps 😊
Nanna W.
It is okay to eat breakfast later in the morning if you don't feel ravenous. Just make sure that when you eat , your meal is something that will sustain you for a few hours. Also ensure not to overeat.
Stephen N.
Eat breakfast regardless if you are hungry, perhaps eating smaller portions. You can opt for granola with yoghurt for example if you want to eat less.
Nora U.
Breakfast should be eaten within 1 hour of walking up. If you do protein pacing throughout the day, you will have more energy, be more satisfied, and create a healthier weight.
Graciete P.
My first thought was sure-OK-but then I thought-what are you doing in those hours BEFORE you “eat a good breakfast”? I wouldn’t want to waste those hours-I want to give them my all-ACTION
Gerberto Z.
I guess it's fine as long as you don't skip it. What happens is that if we skip breakfast, wich is supposed to charge us with the energy we need to start our days, we tend to eat bigger lunches.
Patricia Q.
I get up at 5 everyday, commute from 545 to 730 (walking and a train), I work until 9 then eat my breakfast as I'm ready for it and I can last until lunch without a snack
Flora J.
I think it's okay. I don't feel hungry either when I wake up. But make sure that by delaying your breakfast, you don't delay your lunch. Or worse, skip lunch all together.
Ureo Y.
I have the same issue normally I start to feel a bit sick when I eat first thing in the morning but I have found it is because I was eating to close to when I was going to bed so it is better to eat earlier in the evening and then perhaps a small thing 30 minutes after you get up and then the main part of your breakfast at brunch time
Adriane Q.
I’m not a dietitian or physician but it seems like as long as you’re eating something in the morning after you get hungry, and presuming that something is a healthy meal, it seems like you’ll be fine.
Valdo C.
yah definitely someday when i eat dinner in the morning i feel completely ful so i prefer eat brunch rather than earlier breakfast
Sharon Z.
I would first ask why does it take you so long to get hungry, and look at when you're eating at night. My fitness program recommends finishing eating 3 hrs before bed. You may want to try to eat dinner earlier and see if you're hungry earlier in the morning. You may be able to eat lunch, then dinner earlier, moving your whole eating schedule earlier in the day.
Tyler O.
I think so, yes. It’s better than not eating at all. I would suggest that you try just a small snack though. That gets your metabolism going and you’ll find that over time you will start to be hungry earlier in the morning
Manuel S.
Hello, my feedback has a different context. I am quite hungry in the morning, to the point that sometimes i could be lethargic if I cannot eat. I think it is ok if you eat later, but I also suggest to try to eat lighter food like a banana and then later eat as for a small brunch. I think the body adapts to customs, i.e., if you keep eating a little in the morning, it will adapt its metabolism to match this new regular source of energy. Hope it helps.
Denil E.
I think so…..that's what i do because i am the same way. I am not hungry when i first wake up and if i do eat its just something very small and i do the bigger meal later on. So in my opinion yes it is ok.
Savannah P.
Yeah, totally. The idea is to have quality calories, rather than the typical coffee and a bagel type of a thing. From psychology perspective close sequence is better, but if it doesn't fit your body, what can you do 🙂
Sigurd S.
It is better to eat your breakfast before doing anything else. You don't have to be hungry to eat your breakfast. Discipline yourself that after you wake up, do your breakfast and eat it as soon as it is cooked. Remember that our breakfast is our fuel for the 1st half of the day.
Tristan W.
Hello, why don't you kick start your day with something small? A fruit on the go, a closed handful of nuts or a small yoghurt will get your day started right. Taking the time to mindfully nibble on something small is a great way to encourage your hunger and fuel yourself.
Arlinda Q.
I have the same issue. When you wake up and drink a glass of water, that guarantees you'll be hungry in 5-15 minutes. Then you can have breakfast closer to waking up. Not sure if it is better for your health to eat closer to waking up though. I'd say: listen to your body and find out what works for you. And look up what works for others if you're not sure.
Josefine G.
I think it depends on your current situation and your goals.

Do you already have all of the energy you want in a day? Are you happy with your current eating habits, even later in the day? Are you trying to lose weight?

If your current eating habits already give you the sustained energy you want throughout the day, then I think the answer to your question is yes, eating several hours after you start your day is fine. But if you are waiting to eat and then eating either too much or not the right foods, then that’s probably not getting you where you want to go.

By eating a healthy, protein-rich breakfast *before* you get hungry, you will be less likely to ride a blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day. You won’t find yourself hungry and tempted to reach for a high-carb and/or sugary food because it’s “easy”. Once you’re hungry, you will be less likely to make good food choices.

Nevaeh U.
It's silly to force yourself to eat, although after a while your appetite would get used to an early breakfast. Brunch is certainly better than no morning meal. Just monitor what happens at lunchtime.
Bibiano Q.
I'm the same way! I've found I can do liquids though. Hot tea with honey and lemon. In the middle of my routine I can blend shake with banana in it. Some days it's about the peanutbutter, some a bit of coffee and Ovaltine, others all yogurt and frozen berry's. Sippy sippy thru the rest of the morning. Hearty comes brunch style if you call sliced tomato, boiled egg and juice 5 almonds, hearty. All added up it's fruit protein natural sugars, good gutt helpers and hydration. Hearty to me is, can I take a vitamin or medication after it? Yet easy to digest to not feel heavy and sleepy waiting to digest.