What kind of breakfast do you prepare?

Bozena S.
I usually do something simple like scrambled eggs or oats. These breakfasts are quick and easy to make and it keeps me relatively filled till lunch
Isabella F.
Sometimes when I wake up late I eat some dates and a hit drink in other days I eat eggs, sandwiches,etc
Sandwich ideas:
Tortilla cheese and veggie sandwiches
Avocado toast
Grilled cheese
Jullia C.
Hi! I usually prepare something healthy like oatmeal with fruits, chia pudding or when I am in rush, I just eat banana with nuts. Pinterest has a lot of good recepies!! Try to look there! 🙂
Jared T.
I vary it but often eat:
🌟 plain Greek nonfat yogurt with some berries or apple topped with granola
🌟Scrambled eggs with salsa
🌟Boiled eggs – make egg salad sandwich or over greens
🌟Veggie burger side of scrambled eggs
🌟Oatmeal cooked on stove with fruit
🌟Leftover dinner
🌟Quinoa with veggies
🌟Grilled chicken (precooked) with avocado, apple and nuts
🌟Sautéed veggies (from prepped cut and frozen) with chicken sausage precooked, protein pasta and pesto