Do you eat your breakfast at home or at school/work?

Erin J.
I eat at work either while I am at the front desk or while the kiddos eat breakfast. If I eat earlier, I am either not hungry or feel sick afterwards. I also have a long wait until lunch and get hungry if I eat too early.

Marilyn P.
I typically eat breakfast at home because when I am at work I can barely make time to eat. Eating breakfast at home helps me get the day started right and encourages me to to take care of myself throughout the day

Katie X.
So before covid started I barely had time to eat breakfast so I had to prepare a bento box and eat it in the car. But from now on I have online school so I can have breakfast and sometimes I even eat while attending online class.

Matteo P.
I don’t always eat breakfast, but when I do, it’s usually at school because at home I usually don’t have enough time, and I wouldn’t have a strong appetite for food yet since I would’ve just woken up.