What else is there beside eggs for breakfast?

Heather Z.
I have muesli every day. It’s so good and helps keep my bowel movements regular. It’s also really nice with plenty of dried fruit which makes it taste amazing
Belle Z.
Greek yogurt (I prefer honey-vanilla) topped with granola (I use dark chocolate flavored granola) and whatever berries I have
Hazel U.
1 Greek Yogurt with100grams of frozen blueberries -thawed- options other berries in season or frozen berries thawed, added small handfuls nuts, Tsp of Chia, flaxseeds or LSA mix.

2 Sourdough Rye, or Grains Bread, Sourdough Sprouted Wheat or Sprouted Rye Bread, or Gluten Free wholegrain and spelt choices. TOPPINGS:
Avocado with lemon pepper or lemon squeeze,and pinch of sea salt or peanut butter or cottage cheese with chives OR Greek Yogurt dollop with mashed sweet berries or black cherries. Bruschetta ;Tomatoes sliced raw or grilled with olive oil drizzle and italian herbs fresh or dried.
3: Fruit Smoothies Bananas and Berries with added hemp powder, seeds, pepitas, LSA or Flax Seeds, vanilla and chia if wanted. (Chia will thicken or set later if not all smoothie consumed – dont over do it – 3 tsp chia enough.
Ipyion Water based green smoothies with handful Spinach, Some Fruit and Veg choices Apple, Cucumber , Celery, Watermelon, Melon pieces, hemp powder, or whey and OPTION any nuts desired or Tbs LSA . . Add Cardamon or Cinnamon to any smoothies to taste orforhealth if wanted. Banana option if wanted sweeter.