Do you have any quick breakfast ideas to eat and go?

Dawn J.
Banana. Healthy granola bars. Mixed nuts with dried fruit. Plain Greek yogurt. Overnight oats with fruit and chia seeds. String cheese.

Falviana S.
For my first week of the breakfast habit, I prepared a small bowl of frozen berries (rasperrys and blueberries), topped with plain yogurt, ground almonds, gojiberries and some spices like cinnamon, kurkuma, matcha. I prepare the bowl in the evening and let it in the fridge over night. So I have a ready made Breakfast in the morning 🙂

Dorian Y.
I prepare a mix of ricotta/avocado/lemon the night before with boiled egg .
The next morning i pop 2 bread in the toaster , spread the avocado mix , grab a boiled egg and go

Gisela P.
Milk + Muesli. Or oats. It may not be exactly in line with what fabulous recommends. But I go to the gym and my trainer suggests this.

Frida W.
I like to use the microwave to cook faster. For example break and beat an egg, then microwave for a minute and it’s done.

H Dieter X.
The best quick breakfast is porridge, sweetened with honey and topped with a few blueberries. It can be cooling whilst you finish getting ready for the day

Christine F.
I don't actually know. Right now. I am eating things like cereal and milk and waffles for a quick meal. Id like to start eating eggs more regularly and play around with omlette recipes.

Odila Q.
I enjoy quick oats or cereals for a simple meal. For more complex but easy to carry meals, I prefer wraps or sandwiches and cup of tea.

Gino C.
What I'm going for these days is just two eggs, usually scrambled, a little piece of cheese to make the flavor a little more interesting, and then a glass of juice. Definitely fast ( ~ 2 mins) and I kinda feel it gives the energy I need in the morning. I usually skipped breakfast before since I really couldn't eat sweet food in the morning and this breakfast really looks like the right answer!

Audrey S.
I have been enjoying making avocado toast recently. It’s great and pretty quick to make. Add some salt and pepper on top and it is the perfect quick breakfast.

Florisbela F.
– Fruit (two-or-three pieces, fresh or frozen),
– Nuts (walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts),
– Seeds (handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds)
– Healthy bread (rye, pumpernickel, etc).

Alberte A.
A bagel and cream cheese is amazing. Especially if they are flavored. Add some bananas or other favourite fruit in the middle and you have a wholesome breakfast. I like carbonated water to change up my water with a little lime

Bella F.
I love overnight oats! I prepare them the night before and enjoy them the next day. Peanut butter, honey, oats, Greek yogurt, and banana are my favorite combination.

Mads W.
Yes! An egg omelet and toast won’t take more than 10 min to cook, if not the night before leave some oatmeal cooked that way in the morning you’ll just heat it up and eat it

Gavin P.
Don't want to sound like I'm promoting anything here but check out 'huel'.
It's a complete food with a perfect blend of nutrients and all that wotnot. You could live a perfectly healthy life just on a few shakes a day but that would take the joy of food away methinks! It can be prepared in under 5 mins or the night before.
Otherwise there's a wealth of options from a couple pieces of fruit, maybe a slice of ham and a spoon of peanut butter to preparing elaborate cold breakfasts the night before. A few minutes on Google and you'll have thousands of ideas.
But ideally, a little nighttime prep and setting aside 15 minutes to sit quietly, enjoy, appreciate and eat Mindfully would be the most beneficial!
I've yet to meet anyone who looks at their schedule and can't fit in 60 seconds 15 times in the morning. I don't say this a lot as I think sleep is a priority over everything but perhaps set that alarm 15 minutes earlier to enjoy the benefits of a good breakfast.

Suzy A.
Fruits like Apple, banana, pears are good breakfast options when you're running out of time. You can also have eggs in any form you like

Cecilie E.
I’m not convinced that breakfast deserves the appellate of “most important meal of the day”. If you’re going to eat something early, evidences points to whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and greens. Some of those are unconventional breakfast items. Dark green vegetables lightly cooked and served with an egg would be a good choice. So would anything with complex carbohydrates which tend to have a lower glycemic index and are digested more gradually. Regardless, give special consideration to hydrating as early as possible. We lose a lot of water to respiration as we sleep.

Maurice F.
I make rice a lot for dinner. So I like to take leftover rice and fry it with an egg. It’s super fast and is always filling!

Tristan Z.
(First, I need to qualify that I try to stay away from bread, dairy, sugar, beef or pork)

1. Gluten free quick oats with a tablespoon of raisins and a tablespoon of coconut or almond milk. (I personally use an unsweetened creamer called Nutpods that is a mixture of both) Coupled with a serving of fruit.

2. Rub olive oil on a sweet potato and microwave it. Sprinkle with cinnamon or salt. (I like a little
butter alternative called Melt or nothing at all. ) Coupled with a serving of fruit.

Jen J.
Maybe a simple quick snack such as graham crackers or a granola bar or even toast with strawberry jelly and cream cheese. Even a bagel but if you are looking for more of a put together meal try looking for ideas on Pinterest it is useful for many things like that I even use it for art studies. Hope this helps

Olinda B.
I find that porridge on a cold day really wonderful- actually so quick to make. And adding lemon zest or dried fruit is delicious

Thea Z.
Hi! Overnight oats are my favourite duringthe working days, they are the perfect grab and go breakfast. If you get bored with eating same thing, change the fruits or just use different spices. You can prepare them with 3 days in advance. So you can put all the dry stuff in 5 jars, on Sunday. Add yogurt and fruits only on 3, that will be enough until Wednesday. On Wednesday night add yogurt and fruits in the last two and you are done for the week. Over the weekend I prefer more freshly cooked meals. Hope it was helpful.

Tim E.
I pre make egg bites, or make a banan peanut butter smoothie with almond milk and Greek yogurt. Otherwise grab a banana and go if im rushing.

Adeci Q.
I'm often on the run to get to school in the morning butwhen I have time to eat, I have a berry porridge or frozen berry milkshake. Sometimes I just grab a nutbar and head out the door and sometimes I'm early enough to make myself bacon and eggs. The point here is you should make a healthy breakfast with whatever you have depending on how long it takes to make in comparison to your time limit.

Frankie O.
Peanut butter Oatmeal and eggs 🥚 with berries and spinach
Whole grains cereal with almond milk and berries and spinach with eggs
Beef eggs and spinach

Malone E.
Big fan of the make ahead egg bake. It’s basically quiche without the crust. I add spinach, broccoli and cheese. I use a square or rectangular dish so I cut it up into squares when it’s cooled a bit then wrap them individually to freeze. It takes a minute to get nice and hot and it’s a hearty healthy breakfast.

Naja F.
Make a smoothie, and take an apple with you.. or make porridge in the morning you can make it the night before or like me put water and oats in the pan, have a shower while that’s heating up, when getting out the shower quickly check and stir your oats, it should be done once your dressed 😊

Selma Z.
Cliff bars are one of the easiest, quickest, and most consistent breakfasts I've found. Lots of flavors and easy to keep a few in my bag in case I forget.

Cathy J.
For quick breakfasts I like to make it as easy as possible which takes a little work. In the evening I will make a frittata which is delicious at room temperature. Also deviled eggs are such a quick meal once prepped. Put a little work in ahead of time to make breakfast easy.

Nicklas X.
A microwave oatmeal only takes 5 minutes to cook. I prepare it before stepping into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth so when I am dressed, the oatmeal is ready and cooled to the right temperature.

Sheryl J.
Apple caramel smoothie; 1cup almond milk, 1 apple, cauliflower (abt. equal amount as apple), 1 scoop of caramel protein powder

Mae P.
Fresh fruit or your favorite kind of nut with a little bit of Himalayan Pink or Sea salt to help balance electrolytes after a long night's rest.

Kelya O.
Hard boiled eggs. You can choose whether you want to eat just the egg white or egg white and yolk. Fresh raw green beans, plain Ezekiel bread

William E.
Grab 2 bananas or you can have soaked oats … With honey and nuts …for these you need to soak oats overnight with milk

Anna W.
First best fast and easy breakfast food to bring with you on the go an apple and even a some poland spring water in the 8 oz bottle that you buy in the store. Oh you can alwAys bring peanutbutter in a plastic container along with bread and toast your bread at work if there is a convection oven or toaster at your work.

Annekatrin F.
Meal prep breakfast sandwiches with english muffins, eggs, sausage/bacon/cheese/etc to pop in the microwave on a busy morning