I’m all about a simple life, so I like making the same thing every day for breakfast as it makes things a lot easier. Is this the norm or do people switch up their breakfast options?

Maur Cio S.
Well it depends on the person I like changing so I’m making my breakfast different every morning but It doesn’t meaning your system or my system is wrong
Rachel A.
I really like to cook, it's fulfilling to me. But I'm always in a rush for work. So for me I'm a creature of habit on work days: Cereal, Tea, sometimes fruit or toast. But on days of I love taking the time to explore new breakfast ideas.
Kate O.
Routine is a good thing and habits too, but, sometimes, changung them is good too. To change your choice of what to eat is good because you ade bringing new types of food to tour body, which is highly recomended. I always go to the safe option because of my routine and time, but I'm trying to change some stuff, too. Go with what is best to you, according to you. Only I know what is best to me.
Joy C.
I honestly think it depends on the person. I know people who tend to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday. When I am particularly busy I also tend to go for the same thing every day just for the sake of ease and convenience. But overall, I think people's breakfast habits are so different that there isn't one way to eat breakfast that's considered the "norm". If you like to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday and that works for you, that's fine! Just keep doing what works best for you! 🙂
Tanuli Q.
As a Sri Lankan we eat rice and curry for breakfast ( all asians do that as I think ) . So as a variety of curry types are there . Therefore it is not normal for me to eat same thing for too long . I think it is better to have different types of breakfast from time time but if you can't do that now or you prefer that same breakfast it is ok I think ( if it consists of various nutrients ) .
Joan O.
I think it’s best for your body to mix it up sometimes. But do what feels best for you to make sure you keep your routine
Dania F.
Well I’m not overly fond of repeated routine, so I like switching and changing even the smallest details. I have eggs for breakfast today and tomorrow pancakes, and so on. But if you are satisfied with your breakfast then it’s completely fine.
Nathana L Z.
For me, there's no problem about eating always the same thing at breakfeast. But, at the same time, I like to have other options.
Muskaan U.
Most people tend to switch up their food options because they don’t want be bored with their food by choosing the same meal everyday. Until it’s a person who can’t afford to do that like a college student or a person who likes their same food everyday, no one really likes eating the same food. However, I love it. Eating my toasted brown bread with light salted butter is the best for me along with some fruits.
Sarina N.
I think its totally okay to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday I mean its not a bad thing but changing your breakfast and trying different things that you may like better can make you feel really good and help you throughout your day
Lukas E.
You can if you want to I use to stay to eating eggs everyday but now I change it because you can try different things and it might inspire you to try something 🆕
Brennan T.
You can switch it up. Everyday is a different chance to try new things. Start with your breakfast and make your day better than yesterday!
Random C.
I have trouble picking what to have so I often make sure that I have a few different options (depending on simple you want it to be maybe 3 otherwise I have 5). Just so you don’t get sick of having the one food.