Should I eat a small breakfast and have a snack in the morning or just have one big meal?

Carrie N.
If I wake up late, a big breakfast would be good whereas if I eat earlier (on school days), then I will have recess or a morning tea snack
Yvonne G.
Snack are fine but you should eat a good breakfast so you dont have to snack the rest of the morning.
Also you should do what you prefer, try it out. What do you like better?
Madison U.
I think you should eat a big meal that will last you til lunch time. Otherwise you will be too hungry and snack before lunch then skip lunch, than snack before dinner and eat a small dinner.
Ananyaa I.
hi! I have no idea if this for a diet or whatnot, but in my experience is that a nicely sized, but voluminous (filling breakkie) and you feel like a nice snack go for it ! For example oats, (overnight even) chia pudding, eggs with toast. Then you can have a nice snack if you want as well a few hours like a smoothie, or anything. I think we should listen to our cravings because the more we hold back- the more likely we are to to confirm to it.
Susan Z.
Snacks are fine but it is less great when you have to snack untill your next meal, for the rest of the day.
Also you should do what you prefer and gives you a better feeling. Try it out what do you like better, what works for you?
I personality prefer a bigger meal because you dont have to eat for the rest of the morning you can just go out or do something else without feeling hungry or have the urge to eat a snack.
Ellen U.
I tend to have one meal for breakfast and the morning just runs by me till I have lunch. Usually an egg and tomato sandwich with tea will get me through the morning. But we all have different preferences
Tracy G.
Both options can lead to the same result, as long as you keep the snack healthy. Quality and variety of the food matters more than the number of portions you eat.
Charles S.
If you plan to have a long day at work itโ€™s better to have a big meal in the morning than snack in the afternoon when u can so you donโ€™t run urself down and be hungry a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š