When I eat breakfast I don’t want to eat anymore, does anybody feel this way because I think it is weird?

Eleonore H.
I do as well I feel full for most of the day, sometimes I have to force myself to have another meal so I wouldn't feel faint. But weirdly enough I lose the sense of hunger.
Greg E.
I also have trouble with apetite. And it's not just breakfast. What I think helps me the most is the environment. When I'm eating a colorful meal in a shiny restaurant or at friend's house with people the food is just going down easily. But when I eat in my messy room or kitchen and the food is plain and not interesting. You can try to make your breakfast as if you're making it for your lover or someone that you respect so much you would make their breakfast look very colorful and enjoyable. And I think I'm going to try that too myself.