What kind of examples of recipes are the most useful for a typical breakfast?

Clara W.
I like fast preparing breakfast, because I have no desire or even time to cook for a long time as soon as I wake up, so the most useful for me is to bake an egg, make some soup or just eat some friuts.

Lloyd S.
Egg white omelets are great. They let you add lots of veggies so you can have a more well rounded breakfast. I also like to cook half a sweet potato with scrambled egg whites over the top. Add some mushrooms and spinach and you have a great breakfast.

Jean W.
Alternative breakfast recipes would be great! Everyone knows about oatmeal and eggs but what other options. Personally, I'm allergic to wheat and eggs make me nauseous. Variety is key for me tok.

Carolyn W.
I like to keep soft taco-size tortillas in the house and toppings to make little breakfast wraps before I head to work. Corn tortillas are healthier, but I like flour better and the extra deliciousness helps me stick to my routine. As for toppings, shredded cheese, turkey, avocado, egg… I usually pop the tortilla in the microwave for 30 seconds with a bit of cheese so it melts. Then I add whatever toppings strike my fancy.

Lucy Z.
My go-to is egg and arugula, maybe with a seed cracker (if I’ve had time to make them). I also like a seed cracker with avocado, riff on avocado toast without the gluten.

Stanley E.
Food is really good in the morning with an empty stomach (or just water right after waking up). The fiber will push down foods in your digestive track and improve both digestion and metabolism. Fruits with high water quantity are best, like citrus. I usually take a mandarin before getting ready in the morning, later I prepare eggs with avocado and toast if I have time. I avoid dairy as it makes me bloated.

Valerie S.
Steel cut oatmeal + almond milk + mix of seeds. Microwave and then add a scoop of protein and frozen berries, delish!
Another favorite is eggs + feta cheese or Greek yogurt plus nuts and honey.

Theodore U.
I guess the ones that are easy and have all the nutrients you need. Personally my favorites are eggs with avocado, tomato and a little bit of olive oil and yogurt with home made granola and some fresh fruits.

Lori A.
Especially if you're tight on time in the morning, making over-night things like over-night oats is really helpful. You throw it together the night before and it is ready in the morning

Stella X.
I like breakfasts that have component pieces. I usually do yogurt with a fruit and a grain. Ut helps me to pick out food the night before so I know what I am eating in the morning.

R I F.
I personally am daunted by the idea of executing a recipe for breakfast, so I’m starting out by keeping it super simple with toast, scrambled eggs and fruit.

Kate B.
A balanced meal. So for example, some oatmeal with peanut butter has the complex carbs and the fat.
Skipping on high sugars because they will cause a fast drop in energy later on.

Eggs on toast with tomato and avocado

Labneh sandwich with olive oil, in brown baguette, thyme and vegetables

Philip F.
scrambled eggs and toast.
avocado banana smoothie
overnight oats with chia seeds milk and peanut butter
cereal and milk

Theo W.
YouTube videos are ideal as they talk you through it. Healthy breakfast that's ideal would be a smoothie with all the nutrients and flavors that I desire and it allows me to be creative

Melchior F.
Freah vegetables and fruits are the best.
If u need some power try eggs (boil water with salt when ready put eggs inside – use spoon and be delicate. Wait fir eggs 5 minuthes, after this put them to cold water)

Ehrentraud U.
I usually have seeded health bread with some cottage cheese, then some ham or bacon or cheese for protein and then some baby spinach or tomato or micro greens or lettuce for some veggies to go with it. Not really a breakfast person so this is my take on doing breakfast before rushing out the door 😊

Jordan G.
I've been eating a lot of eggs! Usually I do eggs, pb toast, and fruit, or egg and avocado on toast with fruit. A breakfast sandwich with eggs, a slice of ham, and a slice of cheese with fruit is good. I'm heading up to make a fritata/quiche. But the idea is to have a carb, a fat, and a protein. But healthy, so whole grains amd lean meats.

Loane Q.
I typically have a smoothie in the mornings. Which i prep the night before. Consisting of banana, frozen berries, rolled oats, spinach and almond milk

Megan F.
Different variations of eggs: scrambled with turmeric and ground cumin with a side of tomatoes and salmon; sunny side up on top of asparagus, etc.

Carl T.
Vegan breakfast recipes are much more useful because I don’t have to alter them to my dietary needs. Additionally, breakfasts that have a lot of raw fruits and veggies as well as a starch and/or source of protein are ideal.

Falco E.
While pancakes and French toast everyday might sound fun, a high protein breakfast is the most satisfying. Try to practice a good 3-egg omelette. That way you can combine it with anything else you might have in the fridge. (Spinach and mozzarella is my personal favorite.) Or try a cup of cottage cheese along with some mixed nuts or fresh fruit and berries. Or both! It's quick and surprisingly satisfying. Couple these with a cup of tea, coffee, or fresh juice and you're off to a great start.

Adolfine Q.
Protein is the best to have in breakfast to keep you going throughout the day. That’s why eggs are one of the best things to eat in the morning!

Penny E.
French toast
Belgium waffles
Scrambled eggs
Eggs sunny side up
Strawberry Oatmeal Shake
Blueberry muffins

Pedro Y.
I typically just boil eggs and have them in the fridge to grab and go. I also keep Kind snack bars in my desk if I need a little more substance