What are your ideas for great nutritional breakfasts on a student budget?

T O Y.
Since I'm a student too, I get you! I love toast and coffee as a breakfast. I usually add a bit of peanut butter on the toast or eat half a banana next to it. and trust me it tastes like heaven
Nicoline E.
Breakfast should not be expensive. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to think that expensive sugary desserts and fatty meats are "breakfast." Hot cereal is a fantastic, healthy, inexpensive breakfast. Try a few different types of oats (steel cut are my favorite and can be cooked overnight in a slow cooker), cream of wheat, grits, etc. find something you like and toss some fresh fruit on top or on the side. Whole grains have protein in them but if you find yourself needing a bit more add an egg.
Jennifer F.
A Student Breakfast is the same as a Elderly Individual like me me Oatmeal fruit salad eggs rice toast coffee grits