How long after you wake up should you eat breakfast?

Mylan Y.
In my opinion it shouldn’t be straight away. You should have the time to drink water and take your time to drink it of course. I eat breakfast like 15 minutes after I wake up
Cory Z.
That is kind of a unanswered question for me I don't pay attention to time that well. I usually wake up use the restroom wash my hands and brush my teeth.

I then get dressed for work and then start to make something like oat meal or a bagel sometimes I just grab a quick breakfast lie yogurt or a granola bar and in the middle of waiting for my the oat meal I take my meds.

If I didn't make something that's time and preparing and it's quick and easy I just take my meds first then grab my breakfast and go out the door.

Honestly I think it's about an hour after I'm up but sometimes I don't eat until I'm in the car on my way to work because I don't have the hungry feeling in my belly.

I have been listening to my body more and just go from there but I also drink water before I eat as well and that doesn't just give me motivation it helps with picking out the right breakfast I'm going to eat in the morning for that day.

Becky E.
It's best to have breakfast in the first hour after waking up. But sometimes you may not feel like eating. Find out the cause as to why aren't you willing to eat. Check if your digestion is good or not. Maybe you don't have the energy to prepare breakfast. Maybe you are hungry but still you don't wanna eat. If your digestion isn't good then its best not to eat instead have some warm water and stretch a little. If you don't wanna prepare your breakfast then make a habit of meal prep., Prepare it the night before so that you won't have to think about what you're gonna have for breakfast and what ingredients do you need to make it etc. If you simply don't wanna eat even if you're hungry then i suggest you feed someone else first maybe a friend or a family member or a pet and as you watch them eat happily you will realize that your body will be as happy as they are when you feed it, then take your first bite. We will be very proud of you for making a habit of having breakfast. One small step leads us to great places. Let's explore together!! Lots of Love 💕
Rosemary O.
I normally take my glass of water right after I wake up then I take at least 30 mins to prepare my breakfast. So I can say at least 45 mins after…
Cassandra O.
Yesterday I ate breakfast 2 hours after I woke up, but today I had some work in early morning so I eat breakfast 5 hours after I wake up.