What should I eat if I have no appetite in the morning?

Ma Va Q.
If you have no appetite in the morning prepare a fruit and protein shake the night before. It might be easier to drink your breakfast than eating it. If you drink coffee look for meal replacement powder you can blend in with your morning coffee instead.
Colin P.
Nothing, if you don’t feel hungry it’s your body telling you, you don’t need to eat. It’s healthy to intermittent fast so just have a nice healthy lunch instead
Pascoal A.
Something small is better than nothing. I guess you could drink your breakfast in the form of a protein shake or a healthy fruit smoothie.
Magda C.
I often dont feel well in the morning, and the only thing i can eat is something sweet. So i still fotce myslef to eat but i eat something i really like.
Heather J.
On the mornings that I find that I don’t have an appetite, I try to make the most colorful, fun smoothie that I can think of! Try some wild berries and dragon fruit powder with two bananas, one handful of baby spinach and a scoop of collagen for a healthy, nutritious beauty boost and a great way to start your day! I love all of the colors in this smoothie and by the time it is done blending, the smell and the colors make me want to drink it!
Ron Y.
Eat something plain like cornflakes with milk. I dont have appetite but I know it'll give me energy to focus on my work at least.
Silvana N.
Try an apple or banana, maybe a granola bar. If you like crackers you can try that. I usually don’t have an appetite either in the morning but I was full off of a couple ritz crackers. Something very tasty is avocado toast with whatever seasoning you like and maybe an egg.
Andree F.
Drink water and have a small breakfast high in protein such as scrambled eggs or spinach perhaps make a smoothie of spinach, kale, apple and juice.
Janet U.
I find I don't have an appetite in the morning, so I do this. I drink water, and have either a serving of berries/fruit or have a smoothie made of the fruits. If that doesn't help, try eating earlier in the evening or a small work out breakfast.

I hope this helps

Bec X.
Water is a great start. It will help your stomach wake up and move around your bacteria. This can help make me hungry. Chewing gum always makes me hungry. Toothpaste can hinder my appetite so eating before brushing maybe. Put your face in the freezer and breathe cold air, this cools you down and I'm always hungrier when I'm cold.
Lloyd E.
Something is better than nothing, so even if you don’t feel like eating a huge breakfast just a handful of nuts would be fine! Even just a granola bar or a banana, just enough to give your body that extra bit of energy it needs! Good luck with completing your goals!
Marshall T.
My favorite low appetite breakfast (or need to eat so I don’t lose myself during my morning workout) is a handful of mixed, raw nuts. My favorite mix includes walnuts, cashews, almonds, and dried cranberries.
Tiffany O.
A handful of almonds is enough to not be filling but will satiate hunger when it otherwise would strike a couple hours later.
Damasceno E.
A banana. It's has slow release energy, they're light and tasty and are great for you. I have issues eating early in the day and I find them easy to eat in the morning.
Travis P.
Even if you're not hungry in the morning, starting your day with nutrients is critical. Try some oatmeal or yoghurt with nuts&fruits as a topping. If you are not taking dairy products. Nuts and fruits is still a great way to start your day. Make sure to start out with fruits&nuts you like. So it's easier to continue. Hope this helped anyone!
Sarah Z.
If I dont have an appetite in the morning I usually just start with something small like some small fruit like grapes or blueberries. Then kinda work my way up to eating a little bit more.
Kim J.
I struggle with this a lot myself, so what I suggest is to do something small. Eat one egg instead of how many you usually eat, if there's meat, eat only a small bit. Even if you don't have an appitite, it's better to put at least a little bit into your stomach.
Emilia N.
Yeah. I feel like that too but here are somethings to do :

1) drinking water before anything else. Sometimes it’s because you’re dehydrated.
2) give yourself time. Wait for a half an hour , see what you have put in time with making your breakfast
3) don't take heavy meals before sleep. That might be the reason also try having dinner two hours before sleeping.
4) start with something fresh, fruits can be a great breakfast !
5)challenge yourself to eat , plan for it , maybe give yourself special prizes for it

However if any of those don’t work simply try new things but NEVER cut breakfast out of your life 😉