What type of healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner should I eat every day?

Clareana C.
Healthy, balanced meals. Vegetables, carbohydrates (starchy and sugary), proteins, fats and minerals. As well as plenty of water, but not too much.
Kyle Z.
Honestly look for food with the nutrients that are good for you. Like for dinner maybe rice with minced meat — delicious and healthy and also gives you most of the nutrients you require. For breakfast a classic is obviously eggs and milk — keeps you active throughout the day and once again gives you the nutrients u require. Happy cooking ♥️
L Cio F.
I try to focus on quality of food rather than on calories. Eating real food-fruits, veg, meats, cheese, whole grains, beans, etc. Typically food that comes in a box or away from the perimeter of the market is processed and not “whole” and isn’t fuel for your body. I like eggs so I eat them frequently. I also really like yogurt for breakfast or peanut butter toast. Lunch is usually a salad with or without chicken, and I love brown rice, black beans, some cheddar cheese, and tomatos and corn for a burrito bowl for dinner.
Don Q.
We take breakfast almost after 8-9 hrs. It must be healthy. We should prefer milkshakes, boiled sprouts, fruits, healthy sandwiches something which is rich in proteins, calcium and glucose. Full stomach going to help you to start your day with power. In lunch, buttermilk at the end will be cool idea. Chapati, rice, daal, green vegetables or some non-veg food will be good. And dinner must be light. Which will help you for easy sleep. If you avoid non veg at night will be better because non veg is little hard to digest or take more time. So light food which contain less carbohydrates will be good idea for night. At evening something as snacks will help for your metabolism. Thats it.. just take right things on right time. Have a healthy life ahead. All the best 🙂
Luis E.
Something that benefits my health and not my weight gain. I should be eating healthy alternatives to things like pizza, ramen etc.
Jon F.
It depends on your taste. But decided a day before and commit to it. You can change it if it’s not your taste. A great combination to start is a healthy yogurt with mixed nuts and some small pieces of fruit.
Rudi E.
Make oats with milk, ensuring you let the oats cool after for better consistency, then add banana or strawberry. Possibly eat some nuts for protein too.
Rosinalva A.
I try to balance what I eat. Since I have long working and commuting hours I only have a cheese sandwich and olives for breakfast or sesame and thine will olive oil sandwich for breakfast at 6 am then at 10 m I have a biscuit and mint tea. At 1pm I have plain youghrt and fruits. For dinner I try to have something healthy and limit rice and meats when possible. Sometimes I switch between tea and coffee and replace the snack with lunch. I avoid eating too late at night before sleep
Gabriel Q.
For breakfast: a smoothie, fruit with peanut butter and seeds/nuts, vegan omelette (tofu, spices, tomato, spinach,…)
For lunch: quinoa, rice, tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, vegetables-root and leafy ones,…
For dinner: vegetables with hummus, fruit, nuts,…
J Natas F.
For breakfast I always evaluate how much time I am going to have in the morning. On days I am short for time I grab some oatmeal and fruit. On days I can spend more time I almost alway make eggs and avo toast. For dinner I love an easy zucchini noodle last and some chicken.
Ortrun F.
Food with a purpose, nutrients that benefit you. You eat, and you will always eat. Over time, negative side effects from unhealthy food should and will show up sooner or later. Why not eat healthy and experience positive effects? Always?
Derrick J.
I normally eat eggs in the morning, followed by some fruits, have milk with coffee to drink , try to avoid sugar and look forward for some protein.

At lunch , brown rice with chicken, a lot of salad , tomatoes , carrots and things like that. I repeat lunch at dinner without rice.

Tilly O.
I go for protein most of the time. It helps me controly appetite while enjoying high quality food.
For breakfast I prefer eggs boiled or omelette, spanish omelette is also a great choice. Sometimes I add cottage cheese or even replace eggs with fava beans, and a great tip is to always add some vegies. It keeps you full while ensuring that you have a complete nutritious meal.
For lunch I follow the famous rule of 1/2 the plate vegies, 1/4 carbs and the last 1/4 protein.
The dinner is pretty easy, you should always go for protein 😂.
Bonne appetit ☺️
Malo U.
Hi, i should eat like oatmeal For breakfast and Some Milk. Than For lunch you could have Some yoghurt with blueberrys of with nuts en For dinner you have to try to eat vegetables every day en Some pasta with it or something like that
Tomothy A.
The kind that has all the colors. That's generally what I go for. It helps me ensure that I'm getting a variety of nutrients, which absorb better into the body when in food form as opposed to vitamins.
Kyle S.
Eggs with onions, eggs with garlic and bok choy, eggs with soft cheese (like shredded mozzarella) or oatmeal with brown sugar
Ella W.
According to my dieticians, including protein and Omega 3 in meals is important for healing the body. (I've suffered several TBIs.) Healthy fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, some olive oilall give your body beneficial fats. Milled flaxseed is terrific in oatmeal, scrambled eggs, rice, yogurt, cereal. Omega 3 in fish especially beneficial. I eat a mixture of fiber (refried beans, chickpea pasta, lentil salad) with sourdough bread spread with homemade jam. Yogurt with flaxseed and instant oatmeal with an egg swirled in with salt and Aleppo pepper or urfa biber. I only eat 2 meals a day, so dinner is something like butternut squash pasta with Greek olive oil and coarsely ground black peppercorns, with farmer's market berries and roasted purple asparagus with a light grating of parmigiano reggiano, torn prosciutto, basil, olive oil, maybe goat cheese or black olives.
Avocado toast is also great. As is canned fish with pasta. Sometimes I'll pan fry bone in skin on chicken thighs (see Epicurious). I try to eat a fruit and/or veggie at every meal, and to snack on protein foods. Will also make roasted sweet potato. Papaya is good for digestion and full of nutrients. Highly recommend.
Yara C.
Eggs is a very good option for breakfast along with toast or muesli or chia seeds smoothie bowl and for lunch any vegetable with bread and for dinner some vegetable bowl is what I prefer
Tino X.
Breakfast – eggs with spinach, tomatoes or broccoli or fruit with peanut butter and yogurt!
Lunch – one source of protein with a small carbohydrate portion and lots of vegetables
Dinner – I do similar to lunch but without the carbohydrates
Doris W.
I like to eat apples. Sometimes I’ll have it with oatmeal and egg. But I just don’t get too hungry so I just have the apple.
Vickie E.
A simple one. A quick breakfast that doesn't require much time to make, and is easily replicable, like peanut butter toast or yogurt and fruit. I love a big meal of really decked out eggs but to expect myself to wake up early every morning and to cook it before work is unreasonable. If I do, cool, let's get crazy. But 90% of the time it's going to be the easy alternative….. Ouch, thought this was a breakfast only question. Honestly I eat almost 3 pounds of meat a day, fill in some vegetables for every meal, a startch like rice for dinner and I'm good. Just make majority of the meat lean 👍
Emily U.
You should eat bread with eggs and vegetables and a cup of hot milk or coffee for breakfast, and for lunch, you should eat something's good for your health and for dinner, eat some meat and have a cup juice
Sofia C.
A nutritious balanced full of protein meal with lots of fiber and something that will increase my good cholestrol levels
Avery P.
I usually do fruit and oatmeal, yogurt or trail mix in the morning.
A salad of some sort or pasta packed with veggies for lunch or a protein shake.
Burger of some sort, some tacos or a protein, veggies and rice for dinner
Inaya U.
Hey! i mean… an ideal breakfast and lunch situation would be the one that covers all the essential nutrients required by the body in right amounts ie protein, fibre, carbs and others as such. however, in my opinion (since im also on diet) i avoid carbs in breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, i make it sure to have atleast one fruit and a hard boilef egg. its small but it does the required. i prefer mango for breakfast. its refreshing and energizing plus its the classic summer mango season and you wouldnt want to miss some juicy indian mangoes for the world. its a perfect way to start ur day. eggs have been told to be great for protein intake and to have that feeling of staty. later on i have a cup of tea. i skip lunch.

now as u can tell this is my style obv u can alter it to ur choice. but since the task is to have a "great" breakfast make sure u add fruits, eggs, boiled chicken and toast on ur plate. definitely have a cup of milk whether u like it or not and a green tea is a must for lunch. it cleans ur body from toxins and mind from toxic people haha. i hope this helps. i know this isnt very detailed and informative but im new at all of this myself.

wish u a FABULOUS JOURNEY dear friend!! :))