Low-carb filling meals?

Klaus C.
If you are not vegetarian, chciken or beer steak. Along with it, eat low carb vegetables like kale, broccoli, capsicum etc.

If you are vegetarian, you can find alternatives to these foods. Vegetables usually are very filling. Cauliflower with cheese couldbe great. Tofu and broccoli are good. Just researxh low carb meal recipes and try them out and see which ones you like more.

Maurizio E.
Last night I had sautéed rosemary chicken breast with 1/2 cup of quinoa cooked and steamed vegetables. Add olive oil to the quinoa and vegetables. This meal is about 41% carbohydrates. A nutritionist recommended that staying below 40% carbohydrates per meal is a good way to eat a low carb diet.
Hildegart O.
For breakfast on the go a simple and quick meal that's both low-carb and very filling is this wrap from Love Chirpy. https://www.livingchirpy.com/low-carb-breakfast-burrito. I love this site because they give me some great ideas that won't take me forever to make. My favorite ingredients to include in my wrap are avocado, goat cheese, bacon (has to be baked in the oven), chopped tomatoes, raw red bell pepper strips, scallions, and rotisserie chicken. Sometimes I'll drizzle it with a little bit of ranch dressing or I'll add a spread of homemade hummus on the wrap itself to give it a little added flavor. I also sometimes throw in some fresh scrambled eggs if I know I'm going to have a really busy day.
Kay T.
For low-carb filling meals check out the Carb Manager app. There are fantastic recipes for meals, snacks, drinks, you name the meal type they got it. You can even search recipes by desired macros! Highly recommended!
Tara P.
I find if you’re going to do low carb, you need lots of veggies & protein to fill up. I have a variety of them that I do, since I carb cycle (three low carb days & one high carb day). My favourite low carb meal this week is easy prep & super filling: a cucumber & two peppers, sliced, plus a can of tuna. Dress with 2tsp avocado oil, a splash of white balsamic, & some Dijon mustard mixed together. Salt & pepper to taste.
Bete W.
This morning my breakfast was a little on the high carb side. I’ve been trying to balance this but it’s not quite mastered. My biggest problem is eating too much carbs and sugars.
Clinton B.
Egg omelets- definitely eggs of all sorts. Especially the egg whites. They are scientifically proven to help you feel and stay full throughout the day.
Roberta F.
There are probably no low-carb filling meals; if you need energy then you need carbohydrates. What you can change tho is the amount of protein and sugar you can eat: more protein equals more energy.
Ennya P.
I like some small beef trips cooked with ginger, soy sauce, worchestershire sauce and sesame oil over a bed of arugula and romaine.
Est Cio P.
One of my favorites is tuna packed avocado… the avocado is filled with a flavored (your preference) tuna. It’s low carb and will keep you full for a long time!
Cassandra O.
High fiber carbs with high protrein value such as beans and grains are a good filler. 1 portion of beans or lentils with 2 portions of vegetables and your choice of protein make a great, long-lasting, lunch meal
Filipo E.
Try to think about getting foods from each food group (fruits, veggies, grains, protein, dairy) in each meal. That way you’ll still have carbs as a part of your meal but it’ll be more balanced and the other components will keep you feeling full. Also, carbs aren’t bad to eat! Just minimize crackers and white bread and try to eat more healthy carbs like sweet potatoes.
Maya U.
If I have meat, egg and cheese, then low-carb is ok. But no I don't find them filling. I really love to eat bread with all my meals. And I haven't found a good alternative yet.
Coline T.
A lowcarb meal is better in the evening and is not good in morning and a low carb meal is also good for when you are exercising 🙂 any more Questions
Marlen C.
So if you want filling meal with low carbs then it depends on what you do. Eggs are great for a filling example. Fish/lean meats are good. Green. Leafy vegetables are pretty water dense there more filling. Be aware of your protein intake though because depending on if your not physically active during the day, or if your body just gets to much protein that it cant use it'll take amino acids from the reserve and process them into carbs (gluconeogenesis)