Do you have any recipes for good breakfast smoothies?

Zoey S.
I love making mango smoothies for around lunchtime as well as having a flapjack – a mango smoothie can be really simple, I use frozen mango chunks and lemonade and blend them together.
Eliza P.
I love making smoothies. The one that I love the most is half of banana previously frozen also a bunch of frozen strawberries, one spin of powdered chocolate, one spoon of sugar, a glass of milk and a little bit oh vanilla… and also like a cup of ice so it can be like frappe 😌
Marto E.
Anything with a banana base is good in my opinion. For a fast option I guess choose berries instead of things that need a lot of prep (such as mango or pineapple)
Sara E.

1.Mixed nuts( unsalted and chop them up) these are healthy and you can’t taste them.
2. Porridge oats.(slow release energy)
3. Banana.
4. Frozen fruit. (This wakes you up and are always picked in season)
5. Milk
6. Yogurt

Good luck!

Nathan Q.
For smoothies, instead of ice use frozen fruit. Buy fresh fruits and make baggies and put them in the freezer so you already have your portions ready