I want to prepare a great breakfast for my new girlfriend. What should I make?

Silviara Z.
Pancakes with a strawberry banana or blue berry smoothy or eggs over easy, toast ( wheat or rye), grits and a ruby red grape fruit with oj.

May X.
Personally, I like sweet and light breakfasts and i have two options that i usually go for. The first one is cottage cheese with honey or jam with frozen berries. The second is cozy oatmeal, i usually top it with fruits and date syrup and in sprinkle some cinnamon on top

Nino A.
In the case of Breakfast two things are important, fiber and sugar. Breakfast jump starts your digestive system and helps put all the other systems on track for the day. Natural sugars from fruit are really great and help boost your energy, fiber from the peel helps slow down the bodies absorption of the sugar so rather than a quick zap of sugar high the energy high is more stable and longer lasting. So fruits WITH the skin are great or fruit slices into high fiber foods. My favorite is sliced banana in a high fiber oatmeal, like flax seed and whole oats. Bran Flakes are also good but they tend to be a little blander than some other options. If you like cooking bran/whole wheat muffins with fruit is also fantastic! Or if your not a big morning eater trail mix can be your friend. Very simple, and quick. Add some low sodium or sea salt mixed nuts with dried cranberries or raisins and you're good. Hope this helps 🙂