How many of you go raw vegan? Keto?

Michele Z.
I’m mostly vegan and gluten free, mostly because I’m a vegetarian and lactose intolerant, but ill still have eggs 🤷🏼‍♀️

Britney B.
I don’t do diets, I just try to keep my food intake moderate and a low on the unhealthy stuff but I have some in between;)

Bobbie U.
Hi question-asker, I think that in general diverse nutrition also applied to preparing your food will be most beneficial to your health.. Netflix has (or had?) an interesting documentary made/written by Michael Pollan (who also has some interesting books on the subject) it’s called ‘Cooked’. In the first episode he tells, if I recoll correctly, about his theory how cooked food in evolution made larger brains possible.. His books are contemplations on the subject, no recipes.. And I’m looking up ‘Keto’ have not heared of it yet. Good luck!

Dale F.
I do not, but I also can't have nuts. I do enjoy a good vegetarian or vegan meal, though! I always try to make sure I have legumes of some kind to give me the protein I need for sustainable energy. It's also been a good way for me to make sure I'm getting nutritious ingredients as well.

Rasmus P.
I want to transition to a vegan. Now I am a vaegetarian- I add eggs and cheese. I want to get to a point where I am all just veggies, fruit and whole wheat. Maybe I might just end up being a meat eater once or twice a week

Maddison Q.
No. From a dietitian’s perspective, definitely not keto unless it’s for epilepsy. Neither of them are supported by enough scientific evidence for health benefits.