What is a good sustaining healthy low fat breakfast?

Natalie N.
I usually eat cheese or yogurt plain with nuts or fruit such as orange grapes almond butter pistachios

And a coffee no sugar

Oatmeal plain with some almond milk maple syrup

One egg with potatoes

Xuan A.
A good breakfast to me is weetabix cereal with chia seeds and semi-skimmed milk. It gives me the energy I need for the whole morning! Try it out!
Jose U.
I recently tried the overnight oats from Basics With Babish. They were pretty okay and super easy to make and grab first thing before coffee. Oatmeal in general is pretty good low-fat. Or fruit and nuts. Recipes for things like Flax Muffins are great ways to get a hot meal with low fat and high fiber.
Mahira U.
Fresh fruits can give the vitamins, minerals for the body. Ad drinking milk can energise the body for a healthy start of the day.
Adrien P.
Having easy quick meals ready is the best. I have vega for when I don't have time to cook anything. Fruit and yogurt is also a good thing to have on hand. Preparing as much as you can the evening before also helps
Nina F.
Oats with berries and cottage cheese. You can garnish this breakfast with shredded coconut, sesame and/or lin seed. Shredded nuts can be another option to choose from as garnish. If you do not like cottage cheese use low fat quark as both low fat quark and cottage cheese are high in protein and this will be what gives you a longlasting feeling of fullness.
Sheila E.
A balanced low-fat breakfast filled with with whole foods, healthy fats, protein and fiber. Anything from scrambled egg whites with vegetables and avocado to oatmeal with fruits and nuts/seeds. Water is essential or tea to hydrate.
Fox M.
I let my laziness work for me in the morning. I eat leftover dinner for breakfast, so as long as your dinner was balanced, your breakfast will be too!
Alison G.
I have a couple go-to options for this!

If I have extra time, I'll make 2 eggs with diced ham and serve it over 2 slices of whole grain toast, 1/4 large avocado, and a banana or couple oranges. That way I'm getting my eggs, fats, and proteins.

If I'm in a hurry, I'll blend 1 banana, chia seeds, milk alternative, peanut butter, amd 1 scoop protein powder into a hearty breakfast smoothie. Still getting my fats, carbs, and proteins, but in a more nitty-gritty quick form.

Both of these fill me pretty quickly and help me meet my goal of about 500+ calories per meal 🙂

Asta P.
A shake with celery, kale or spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger and coconut water. I also add a protein powder or veg supplement.
Raven J.
High protein, veggie ornfruit and minimal carbs. Omelets are great as is yogurt and granola/fresh berries. If im on the go i aim for a breakfast sandwich no cheese with low fat meat and egg on English muffin.
Alexandra Z.
I love oatmeal. You can make it "low fat" by using low fat milk and oats. I also combine it with a scoop of protein powder and its pretty tasty. You can even increase the fats if you want by adding a tablespoon of peanut butter. It's up to you!
Russell U.
I love to make a cereal. Half a cup of hot water one tablespoon of pecan flour one tablespoon of unsweetened coconut flakes one tablespoon of chia seeds cinnamon and three splenda packets. Let is sit and stir periodically. When cool eat away.
Gaby O.
Scrambled eggs, corn tortilla, and a turkey bacon. Also, a smoothie made out of banana, strawberries, soy milk, yogurt, healthy seeds and peanut butter
Taimi Q.
I personally enjoy breakfasts with protein, so an omelette does a lot for me. I haven’t considered how fatty yogurt may be but I also definitely enjoy a bowl of yogurt with some crunchy bits. This keeps me full and energized.
Tim J.
Fruit smoothies like banana and strawberry are my favourite if I’m not feeling something substantial! A cereal bar is great to kick start the metabolism too first thing when I’m not too hungry, I have a Jaffa one that only has 60 cals and could have it with a yoghurt with some fruit! If I’m really hungry then cereal like special k, a crumpet with butter, any kind of oats or porridge, peanut butter on toast, beans on toast..all pretty simple, quick and healthy! 💖
Tamren N.
Fat itself has recently been shown to not be the issue. It’s whether you have healthy fats or saturated fat. A good fat can actually sustain you and be healthy but for low-fat the other thing would be something with protein. Eggs are a good go to. A frittata is good. Also a healthy meat. Oatmeal is debatable because carbs affect different people in different ways. It can also affect your energy level and cause you to be sluggish which is why some people prefer to have their carbs later in the day. Try it and see. Adding nuts and a little fruit.