What is your biggest challenge regarding your diet?

Taylor F.
I wanna gain healthy weight but whatever i do it doesn't happen. So i need to gain healthy weight and make my BMI normal
Nikkita C.
I love to bake and cook so eating healthier is really different. But honestly it makes me feel happier and I feel I’m taking care of myself and accomplishing things even though it’s really just a healthy diet
Claire O.
I have trouble balancing what I eat. I always know that I have healthier choices but I choose the unhealthy one. It makes me mad at myself sometimes but I can’t help it. I mean I can but I don’t really now how yet. I want to work on this but I feel like it will never change.
James J.
I struggle with eating vegetables
I rarely have fruits and my breakfast is normally cereal
I am worried my diet will deteriorate even more
Scarlett U.
I think it’s definitely when I get hungry, I just go grab something easy from the pantry or fridge, and that always ends up being something unhealthy because I can’t be bothered to make something healthy. What you can do is when you go shopping, only put healthy food and drink into your cart. It’s so much easier to think healthy whenever you’re at the super market as opposed to feeling tired, Lazy and hungry at home.
Olivia O.
It's easy to buy healthy foods at the grocery store, and take time out of my day for a fresh homemade meal. But for me, it's when I'm in a hurry that I forget to watch my diet. I usually get coffee, or even some fast food. make sure you schedule time ahead to make meals. Maybe wake up earlier make a lunch, or try to make sure you have a free hour after work to make dinner. Not only will you enjoy your meals, but you'll enjoy the time you spent on them. It's 100% worth it. You got this!
Zoe R.
I have trouble eating healthy food. Well it’s not as much that in not eating healthy food, it’s just I have trouble avoiding unhealthy food.
Elena P.
Gluten and lactose free recepies, im loosing 8kg per month! I asked for help to doctor "Barbara Esposito", from Natural Diet , and I'm loving her diet plan
Mafalda F.
Use ready meals or takeout when I don't have will to cook, and it happens alot. Make easy meals like carbonara just because it's fast even tho is not the healthiest
M Lissa O.
Not relying on processed vegan meat alternatives and carbs as staple in my diet. Introducing more fibre can be hard however due to GERD and stomach cramps when trying to digest it.
Alexei U.
I am vegan and the hardest thing for me to give up is dairy. I feel guilty whenever I end up having to eat it when there is nothing else at a restaurant and the best I can do is go vegetarian.
Louella F.
I think for me the hardest challenge regarding my diet is to lessen eating sugar and not eating late at night but ive managed dont worry you got this !!
Erin A.
drinking coffee.. its bad for my skin but i really really am dependent on it. must choose between motivation and good skin.
Lillie F.
My biggest challenge is that I tend to prioritize other things over making sure that I am eating when I am hungry. Due to this I always eat when I am starving and then I over eat which can’t be good.
Frank U.
I'd like to stop eating much carbs and sugar and I wanna try new recipes that can make me feel satatied and happy at the same time.
Nema Q.
It’s hard for me to commit a healthy diet, as I never had any, all what I know about food need to be changed and that is very hard, I don’t have healthy food around the house or at reach of my hand and the most worst reason that I am really really really lazy to make the effort🥲🤡