What quick protein rich recipes do you have?

Juliette N.
Banana with eggs, cinnamon and avocado. Mix all together the eggs, bananas and cinnamon and cook. Later put avocado on top.
Francisco Z.
Just fried eggs in the morning. With glass of milk and maybe some fruit or nuts. Depending on how many time I have in the morning.
Mille A.
Egg omelette. Two eggs with two spoon of milk, a little bit of salt and a lot of black pepper. Mix this all up and cook it with olive oil.
Gwendolyn G.
A simple serving of nuts with a tasty nutritious addition makes a perfect high protein snack. Almonds and walnuts are the best choices. Almonds have the best nutritional value but walnuts are much more palatable to eat an entire serving daily. Pair with a serving of peanut butter or banana chips or even some organic low sugar dark chocolate.