What is the best breakfast in the morning?

Harri R.
I eat 5 organic dried apricots with half a spoon of cashew spread and two pecans + coffee (with goat milk)

Kenzi C.
The best breakfast I can make myself consistently eat is a bowl of porridge and nuts. Its easy and fast to make, somewhat filling and nutrutious. I recommend using mixed nuts so you can get the most nutrition out of your breakfast.

Walther O.
For a delicious breakfast that is long lasting, full of nutrients and doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish try an egg scramble. My favorite combination is two eggs, a handful of spinach, two portabella mushrooms, one oz of turkey deli meat and one oz of feta. Season with salt, pepper and cayenne. Voila!

Pascale E.
Two peaches of spelt sourdough bread , two boiled eggs roasted tomato , baby spinach and avocado . I like to make it into a breakfast sandwich and have it with a green tea

Maxine R.
Overnight Oats and coffee. I make a week’s worth of oats on Sunday and portion it out in jars for the week. Grab and go!

M Lina O.
I have a glass of water first thing in the morning. When I get to work I have my Herbalife shake which has all the micro nutrients that our bodies crave and need that we not get in our average cereal.

Marilice S.
A great breakfast is 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, a fruit salad and some sugar free tea!

Judy P.
I don't know about "best," but I love a vegan protein shake with frozen berries. It is just enough to keep you going plus it's portable for those hurry-up days.

Philip Z.
I like eating nutritious, whole grain cereal with cut up blueberries and strawberries and milk. Hot tea goes well with it, too.

Frederick I.
two scrambled eggs, a piece of toast or a bagel, and strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

Valentin A.
Protein, such as eggs, healthy fat, and fruits (slow sugar) . Whole grain, if any carbs.

Alessandro F.
I’ve begun trying to incorporate some veggie greens into my smoothie. Trying to do this will hopefully help me lose excess weight

Kenzi Z.
Ideally a balanced breakfast is best. I usually try for fruit of some kind with some Greek yogurt to get my protein in.

Janet J.
Oatmeal, I have 6 small containers that I fill with the daily amount 40g, to that I add yummy things such as dried berries, nuts, coconut shavings, seeds. At night I add the mixture to 250ml milk (almond, soy, or cow) and place it in the refrigerator. The next morning I just have to microwave it for 3 minutes. I love it.

M Lody Y.
There is no fixed best breakfast. Because same food can have different reaction in different bodies. One must experiment with oneself.

Hans Wolfgang Z.
Poached eggs. I have an egg poacher like the one I grew up with. It is super simple on the stove top and I usually read the news as the eggs set up.

Jesus Z.
I like having eggs! Either boiled or scrambled. On the weekends I’ll fry them over hard and have it with some toast. I also like assembling my own parfaits and making instant oatmeal.

Erika X.
I usually eat 2 egg whites with spinach some berries and a fat ( yogurt or etc) or ill add ezequiel bread 👍

Amber E.
Well I have a lot of breakfast options to choice from, but I mostly like Eggs and on toast with a little bit of butter.

Maxence T.
Fruits, a big bawl of it with granola or in a smoothie with some greens and oat. For proteins some peanut's and other nuts with no sugar or salt added.

Dietlind E.
Oatmeal with sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds, a scoop of protein powder in almond milk, topped with blueberries and walnuts.

Isa O.
Go with some sort of protein, preferably eggs. Throw in some sort of carbohydrate for energy, like toast or a bagel. Add some fresh fruit.

Savannah J.
The best breakfast is protein with fruits, and almond milk. Plus start drinking extra water to get ahead for the day.

Emma Z.
For a quick and easy breakfast with protein-sequence qualities, try a banana or an apple, and peanut butter. If you have time, and lots of eggs, make scrambled eggs, or an egg, etc

Egil C.
The best breakfast for me is overnight oats with chia seeds, almond milk, blueberries, and honey. I put it in a protable container, and take it to work with a couple of hard boiled eggs for protein 🙂

Ella U.
I swear by two breakfasts: One that contains fats and some healthy carbs (bulletproof coffee and fruit yoghurt) and then another an hour or so later that is all protein (omlette). This way my body gets some immediate energy to face the day, but then gets some proteins to avoid a sugar crash before lunch. It works for me to regulate my blood sugars, but should work for just about anyone 🙂

Todd Z.
An egg with whole grain bread is most filling. I also like fruit salad with walnuts and almonds. Avocado with whole grain bread is another winner.

Brent E.
I like a whole grain waffle covered in peanut butter and banana slices.
Whole grain toast with cottage cheese and avocado slices.
Omelette with cheese, peppers, onion, and mushrooms.

Ivan C.
Steel-cut oats with peanut butter, protein powder, cinnamon, and an apple cooked into oats

Cecilia S.
Two hard boiled eggs, a piece of fruit (apple, orange, etc) and some nuts (almonds, etc)

Albert A.
eggs with veggies and cheese are good when I have time, but otherwise I like a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread.

Serenity P.
Well, that depends. I’d say to eat things that fills you up! Eggs are a particular favorite of mine- they’re so versatile!

Suzanna E.
For me a good breakfast must include a good source of protein like eggs. An intact grain like steel cut oats cooked into porridge is also a great choice.

Brad F.
1 scrambled egg on multigrain wheat toast with an avocado and a cup of coffee

Callum F.
Yogurt and jam, orange juice, boiled eggs, white cheese and bread, olives, tomatoes in olive oil, a bit of yesterday's food.

Mitchell E.
Scrambled eggs, asparagus and zucchini is my favourite healthy breakfast for during the week, it’s super easy to prepare and eat whilst on the go in the morning.

On a Sunday morning my favourite breakfast is sourdough toast topped with Marmite, Avocado and poached eggs. Super tasty and healthy 🙂

Nicklas Z.
Prefer something that is fulfilling like proteins. For proteins prefer eggs, or any lean meat. Or if you are a vegetarian eat banana with peanut butter.

Raul A.
Protein, whole grains, healthy fats! I love eggs, with pan sautéed kale with a little salt and pepper (think kale chips) and some whole wheat toast ❤️

Brandie O.
Smoothies maybe? I tend to be slow, so a smoothie for breakfast is best for me. Quick, simple, nutritious 🙂
To make a smoothie I tend to add banana, chia seeds, almond ( or peanut butter) and milk.
However, if I’ve been faster then scrambled eggs on bread with spread butter. Again simple fast and easy to make.
Omelets maybe my favourite as they’re so fulfilling and delicious. Except when I flip an omelette then things get messy . The sweet light crust, the fluffy surprise inside and the round golden plate turns into a heated coil of coal. I still eat it thou; syrup on top and voila! Bonific!
Porridge oats are great too. I tend to add chopped banana, chia seed and cocoa powder to mine (weird I know) and if lucky, some more of colourful fruit such as blueberry, raspberry or strawberry.
You can make porridge taste good, even thou it’s porridge.

Bobby N.
Overnight oats. Make them the night before enjoy! They're really filling and will set you up for the rest of the day

Signe Y.
My best breakfast shifts… quarterly, I guess. Right now it's two slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and a banana (And a cup of coffee. 😎).

Johanne E.
Steel cut oats with a handful of fresh berries keeps you energetic and healthy. I might add a couple of walnuts.

Yilmaz Q.
Breakfast contain the protein is better than others. Specially egg is best choice. Avoid from lots of sugar please

Marius W.
I start with a banana or an apple followed by almonds and walnuts. Wash it down with coffee with milk and sugar and one or two slices of toast. It is usually the heaviest mealI have

Olvani W.
I like to make sure that I have a combination of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. My go to for a quick breakfast is a hard boiled egg, a piece of fruit, and 12 almonds. This keeps me satisfied til lunch and I don't crash from too much sugar.

Corey T.
Protein to keep you going throughout the day. I don't eat eggs, instead a eat a handful of nuts and an apple or banana. Avoid sugary breakfast foods like doughnuts, cereal, and muffins because you will have a sugar crash later.

Luna Z.
Anything without sugar, so as to prevent excess cravings throughout the day

Norah G.
A small bowl of oatmeal prepared with milk with a sliced banana on the top and a cup of tea

Rosa E.
Something high in protein that can keep you going for longer. I like eggs with a toast on the side. I avoid cornflakes which are high in sugar as I get hungry again soon after.

Mathias Z.
Boiled eggs as they can be batch cooked at the weekend and kept in the fridge. Bananas, apples and pots of porridge that just need water. Quick, easy and hard to forget

Boaventura Z.
I will usually eat 6 whole eggs and 3 pieces of bacon every morning with shredded cheese in my eggs

Altiva C.
Le meilleur petit-déjeuner est le Miam aux Fruits. Pour le préparer c'est très simple il faut écraser dans une assiette une banane avec le jus d'un demi citron, une cuillère à soupe de mélange à parts égales de graines de sésame et de lin fraîchement moulues (on peut en préparer pour la semaine et les garder au frigo) et une cuillère à soupe d'huile de colza. Bien mélanger pour obtenir une émulsion puis y ajouter une demi pomme, une demi poire, un kiwi (les fruits sont coupés en gros cubes ou demi-rondelles) puis ajouter quelques noisettes concassées au mortier.
Avec un peu d'entraînement, la préparation ne prends plus que quelques minutes tous les matins, l'utilisation d'un mortier est agréable et vous pouvez varier en fonction des fruits de saison, remplacer la poire par une pêche ou une mangue par exemple.
Bon matin ! 😋

Aquiles O.
The best breakfast in the morning is one that’s full of protein, and ideally fruits and vegetables. Yogurt and apple with peanut butter is a good example. Eggs are also a Perfect breakfast especially if you put spinach in them.

Tammy C.
It depends on lots of things, time available, weather, groceries ! Porridge, poached eggs and toast or a smoothie are my staples but it's mostly down to time !

Lyna Q.
I have two breakfast stables that I rotate, both I have with a cup of Lipton black tea. Some morning it is a small bowl of oatmeal and then other days I'll have baked beans on toast.

Paulino Q.
I find that a smoothie with plenty of berries, some greens, & a decent amount of protein via whole foods like hemp seeds or plant protein powder is a fantastic morning starter. A simple way to hasten smoothie making in the morning is to put all your frozen and powdered ingredients together in the blender container & store it in the freezer a night before so that in the morning all you need to add is almond milk, soy milk or whatever preferred liquid you'll be mixing with.

Zeljko Z.
For me the perfect breakfast starts with a great mug of hot coffee and milk. Eggs with Tapioca and some fruits like banana.

Josiane E.
The best breakfast in the morning is something filling but doesnt make you sluggish. For me that's usually a bowl of fruit and a small stack of protein pancakes with a calorie smoothie to go

Edeltrud C.
I think that the best breakfast in the morning is one with a healthy combination of fuel for my day — but most importantly, one that I will actually eat!! My busy work schedule often has me out the door at 5:30 am. I hardly have time to chew in the morning, but if I don't start with good fuel, I lose steam (and my positive attitude) before 8:00 am. I've found that it's invaluable to prepare ahead of time; every night before I go to bed, I set out a mix of 1/4 cup walnuts and 1/4 cup raisins. I munch those while I get ready for the day, sipping tea with a good measure of 2% milk. If I can grab a slice of sprouted multigrain toast on my way out the door, I find that the combination of healthy fats, fiber, and protein will get me through the first couple hours. Alternatively, I've snatched evenings and weekends to stock my freezer with single-serving blobs of butternut squash (baked, mashed, and spiced with nutmeg and a dash of turmeric), pre-washed cranberries and kale, ripe bananas (still in their skins, wrapped in foil and then stored in plastic), even servings of walnuts mixed up with baked apples and spices. If I have 5 minutes in the morning, I can zap up a bowl of apple-walnut oatmeal and serve it with milk; or toss any combination of my frozen items into a Nutribullet blender with 1/2 cup rolled oats, a serving of fat-free Greek yogurt, and enough water to make it all go. (I like my smoothies tart, but frozen pineapple chunks are a vitamin-rich option for sweetness. I also love turmeric, cinnamon, or unsweetened cocoa powder for unexpected flavor boosts.) In a nutshell: my best breakfast is a hearty combo of protein, fiber, good fats, and fruits/vegetables, planned ahead of time to make sure I'll eat it. And when all else fails, as the Fabulous app advises, keep healthy nuts and fruit on hand for the best fast food!

Rafael E.
Something quick and simple, yet filling. My go to breakfast is bananas and peanut butter.

Paul A.
I really enjoy overnight oats. They are a quick meal you can make the night before and you can add different things each day for variety. Yesterday I had some with chia seeds, almond milk, a touch of maple syrup, and a peanut butter.

Zoran F.
Egg sandwich and yogurt with fruit of your choice. I like raspberry and bananas personally.

Morgane E.
Best breakfast actually depends on how your morning routine is. Two boiled eggs or even three depending on your needs is a better breakfast. Easy to make and rich in proteins.

Judith P.
On days I have to run out, I grab an apple and breakfast bar. On days I extra time, I've gotten the sausage, egg, cheese and English Muffin sandwich down to 9 minutes with coffee.

Jimmy E.
I have experimented with lots of different things. If I have just done some strength training at the gym, I will have something like two poached eggs on top of smashed avocado with cherry tomatoes and some chopped spring onions. That might be on top of toast or rye bread. It may also include some bacon, if I'm feeling really hungry.
Other days it might be oatmeal porridge with berries.
I have an acquired taste for canned sardines, mashed with tomatoes, spring onion and chilli flakes.
Or I could swap the sardines for smoked, peppered mackerel.
Being a carnivorous Brit, I can always go for a Full English Breakfast!

Lucy P.
Protein-based is best. You don't want to much sugar, since your blood glucose levels otherwise spike up, leaving you exhausted and craving sugar in the afternoon. I'm vegan so I make myself a vegan protein shake with home-made coconut milk (since most plant milks are loaded with sugar when store-bought, I make my own). I also add fiber in form of flax seeds and chia seeds.

Hugh P.
One that you enjoy, first of all. Next it would include lean protein, low sugar carbs (think whole grain bread, oatmeal etc, no processed cereals), fruit, and don't forget a bit of fat!

Nuts, Oatmeal, Eggs, Apples, and Avacado, and herbal tea are some of my favorite items to include in breakfast.

Stanley Z.
I'm not sure if this is the best but it has been great for me: greek yougurt and granola with fruit on top. It keeps me full for a long time and provides many suggested nutrients. It also takes almost no time to make.

Silke Y.
Breakfast high in protein oatmeal and a side of peanut butter toast.

Heidi N.
I think something you enjoy making for yourself. Sometimes it maybe a nice omellette or a sandwich, other mornings a fruit smoothie is exactly what I need… and always, for me at least, a latté. Couldn't imagine life without coffee 🙂

Philip W.
I have a poached egg on a whole grain English muffin with cheese and tomato, all of the food groups and it keeps me full and energized

Jerry F.
Two hard boiled eggs for high protein, low carbs/calories/sugar. 2-4 Jiao zi for that happy feeling delicious food gives.

Elia Y.
Rolled oats, ground cinnamon, chia seeds, almond milk. Heat for 5-6 minutes. Pour into bowl then add honey

Celto P.
It's mostly cornflakes with milk. But at times, I do have, upma, poha, other veggie breakfast along with a glass of Milk.

Sean U.
Something that makes you full but doesn't make you feel guilty. So healthy and guilt-free. So I have cereals with no added sugar. That way I can easily eat together with my baby son. I also love yoghurt with 10% fat and no added sugar. I just love the taste and texture and it fills me up really well so I have little craving for more. And even if I give in to a craving it's still healthy. For a bit of sweetness I add fruit. I am not very good with having fresh fruit in the house all the time but I always have frozen fruit in the freezer. Which is also nice for a morning smoothie. Or just as a cold snack for me and my baby.

Valentine Y.
A couple of eggs, sausages and lots of fruit to keep ypu energized and awake throughout the day.

M Lissa W.
For me, I like something that doesn’t feel too heavy. A smoothie is the way to go.

Kent P.
The best breakfast is sourdough toast, avocado and poached egg. Sourdough has lots of probiotics which are great for your gut health. Avocado and egg have plenty of protein and good fats to keep you full and energised! It's super quick and easy to make too.

Philip C.
Something with fat and protein to keep you full. Butter or avocado toast with yogurt works for me best.

Stephanie J.
Warm steel-cut oatmeal cooked with almond milk and protein powder with lots of different nuts, almond butter and a banana or an apple.
After that you can eat three eggs and three tortillas with chorizo or something else.

Tristan Y.
A good breakfast for me is something light and energetic. Today I ate some cereals and I drink a glass of water.

Hunter U.
Oatmeal plus 2 tbsp chia seed plus 1 scoop protein whey plus half a cup of mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc)

Willie F.
The best answer is the one that makes you feel energized but also takes some time to prepare. I enjoy eggs with cheese, avocados and tomatoes the most.

Enrique O.
Something with lots of fibre and carbohydrates. Gives you energy in the morning and helps you sustain it through the day.

Tanya O.
I like a handful of almonds if I'm in a rush or not that hungry. Buying a big bag means I always have some around.

Otherwise, I like eggs scrambled or fried in olive oil and served over a bed of spinach and whole-grain toast. Maybe avocado too!

Johanne W.
For me it is a huge breakfast with two eggs, brown toast, beans + either fruit salad and yoghurt or granola and soy milk

Bertram G.
For me, I think the best breakfast is a hearty one. I usually try my best to incorporate whole foods in my breakfast, so that my body can get the maximum amount of nutrients it needs after a good night’s sleep. I make myself a granola bowl by adding some homemade granola to plain yogurt, along with chia seeds, cashews, soy milk and fruits (usually sliced bananas or berries). Finally I top it with a tablespoon of natural nut butter for that extra toasty aroma!