What else can we eat in the morning?

Alice L.
I would opt for a delicious and fresh chia pudding with some fresh berries or fruits, raisins, mixed nuts and any other toppings that come to one’s mind, especially during summer. But if I had to choose something in particular for the cold winter mornings, I would go for a nutritious and warm porridge with apples or dates on top of it, plus some granola, mixed nuts, peanut butter or even a teaspoon of honey.
Louis F.
Put the Cheese on bread and eat it. Its soooo delicious. You can have a cup of tea or coffee with it, also you can add tomato or walnut to your cheese.
Clinton T.
Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as we all know, so keeping it healthy is equally important. As it's name suggests "break-fast", we are breaking a fast of about 7-8 hours while we were asleep and when we didnot have water or food. Hence, our breakfast meal or morning meal should be both energizing and hydrating. If you are in a hurry atleast eat a bowl of nuts and a glass of fresh juice or milk to go with it. But it would be really good for you if you eat a breakfast that fills your belly properly. Some of such energizing and healthy food includes- oats, parathas, pancakes (not to sugary), eggs (boiled, scrambled, omlete), bread and butter (also jam, peanut butter). Avoid eating too much spicy and too much sweet in the morning because it only gives acidity and a bloated tummy). I hope this helps😊 Have a fabulous day!
Marito Z.
We can eat an apple/banana and a spoon of peanut butter. Or incorporate eggs in breakfast. As well as cereal or oatmeal with low fat milk; incorporating almonds or various kinds of nuts. Basically having a protein in breakfast and less processed foods.
Aar O Q.
I eat bread with egg and drink milk. Sometimes eat korean soup like tenjanjigge with rice.if i eat breakfast i usually hungry before lunch.