What is healthy to drink in the morning with your breakfast?

Albenisa A.
For me, i prefer to drink some Matcha, japanese green tea, as it makes me feel so energetic, so i like to start my day with some Matcha and maybe some french coffee.
Eden O.
I like to drink water in the morning. For a long time, I drank a glass of freshly squeezed OJ…But I realized how much sugar that had.
Gerhardt F.
I always take a ginger cider vinegar tea. I use ginger root powder and cider vinegar. You can put it some honey and lemon.
Alizee P.
It's best to start your day with a glass of water. If this sounds boring then have a glass of water first while preparing breakfast and then when you actually sit down to eat breakfast you can enjoy a glass of juice, but try to stay away from juice with a bunch of sugar. Fresh squeezed orange is good or add a little water to it so it's not so strong. But sticking with water to start your day is a good way to continue to drink water as you go about your day.
Cassandra O.
Drink in the morning helps the digestive system to start working and gives the necessary moisture that was lost overnight.
Aubree Y.
The healthiest is always water, medium mineralised is the best option for healthy people, then some herbal infusions, camomile tea for example. For pleasure and health, if not too much, you can drink black unsweetened coffee and teas – I heard white is the best choice, but others will do too, maybe except strong black tea.
Adelaide Q.
Now I've gotten the hang of having water as soon as I wake up, I tend to have breakfast with decaf coffee. I used to drink far too much coffee, and to stop me missing it so much I've switched to decaf – and the improvement in my sleep patterns and energy levels has been huge. I'm not wide awake til 1am, I'm not waking up at 4am, and I'm not exhausted when my alarm goes off at 7am.
Romy Z.
Sometimes I Do a smoothie with kvarg (?) and berries. That is a good start for me. And if I feel sick I drink chai Tea with quality honey.
Brandie S.
When in doubt, a glass of milk is a great option. A balanced diet in itself, a glass of milk gives you enough energy to get through that early morning rush. Choose between full cream or toned milk depending on your preference.
Ava Q.
I always drink water and then a cup of tea. My favorite is black tea. Water makes me so happy in the morning and I always think it nourishes my organs, my skin and wakes me up.
I know for sure is the best thing you can drink, intead of packed sugary drinks, with lots of added sugar, low nutrients and vitamins. Not worth it!
If you love juices, buy fruit and make your own natural juice with no table white sugar. There are many options in the market that works as a replacement. Find the one you like it.
May you be well, peaceful and happy!
Eva Z.
Water is the best because it keeps you hydrated, fruit juices should be avoided to prevent a late morning crash and increased hunger.
Filomeno P.
Best drink in the morning would be a combination of sugar free coffee that kick starts your metabolism with a citric juice or combination of papaya pineapple and mint
Isobel U.
I like to drink just water, it makes me feel fresh and ready to start the morning. Sometimes I also go for a coffee (with no sugar) if I need a bit more energy. If I had more time, however, I’d go for freshly made orange juice.
Lea P.
A miso broth is a wonderful drink, warm and savory, it's a fermented food that's good your health and wakes your system more gently than coffee.
Vicky J.
I drink water. I haven't actively thought about what do you drink with water but if I were to guess, I would say a glass of milk.
Louella E.
I think it is better to drink in the morning not woth your breakfast cz it is not advised to drink while you eat but to drink 30 min before you eat.
I think that if you drink first thing in the morning you will boost your blood flow and your organs and wake your digestive system before introducing food to it
Pepe P.
Well, a smoothie. Even orange 🍊 juice 🥤. So amazing to have. A lot of good comes out of it. Water is amazing 😉. Very good.
Freja C.
I think it depends on your goals and health condition. Water is generally healthy for everyone and Fabulous asks you to drink a glass of water in the morning anyway. If you are not getting enough protein, a protein drink would be a good idea. If you are not getting enough calcium, you can drink some milk or a non-dairy drink fortified with Calcium. Coffee and tea are not unhealthy in moderation and actually have some health benefits. Ask your doctor for an answer tailored to your needs.
Tony W.
Tea is good. Especially herbal, and caffeine free tea! You get hydrated and you also get the benefits from the plants inside.
Charlotte P.
I try to drink iced tea, or I’ll add milk to my morning oatmeal. Today, I’m doing both though. I had milk in my oatmeal and I’m drinking Peach Iced Tea, but water is never a bad beverage. I was on a strictly water-only diet when I had just came home from the hospital though, so I’m really uninterested in plain water anymore.
Jonas W.
It depends somewhat on what you like. I like coffee with a lot of milk. Apart from its deliciousness, to me it signals a serious start to the day. Otherwise water or water flavored with a little fruit juice. In the summer when fruits are plentiful, I like to boil a big pot of water with some stone fruit in it, refrigerate it and drink that with breakfast
Vesna Z.
I drink water and then make tea in to go cup and drink on the way to work. Firat at work I start with coffee. If I start with coffee in the morning I drink way too much coffee during the day and am not hungry in the morning.
Safira E.
I like to drink green tea because it’s warm and helps flush out the toxins. Green tea in itself already had provne benefits and it’s natural so that’s a bonus
Conrad F.
Grapefruit juice and more so, Pink grapefruit juice. Water is the standard recommended drink with its rehydration and detoxification/nature’s solvent qualities. Pink grapefruit will however will enhance vitamin and medication effects.
Greta J.
Usually I stick with a tall glass of water. It helps with staying hydrated which helps my brain wake up in the morning.
Craig Z.
Milk, it has calcium which is vital to human bones. Also fruit juice is amazing because it provides the body with great energy and vitamins for a great start to the day.
Julieta Q.
I like green or black tea, espresso or black coffee (it includes caffeine and polyphenols that make you alert and focused) I sometimes replace breakfast by a coffee shake with protein powder, MCT oil and butter…
Denazaide Q.
Jeg drikker helst et stort glass med lunkent vann og sitron.
Etterpå foretrekker jeg en bulletproof, tidligst en halvtime-time etter.
Nicoline G.
I like to drink a small cup of coffee in the mornings after having water, especially if I have a busy day ahead. Warm lemon water or tea are also a great idea.
Chaiane P.
I drink two glasses of water before to start breakfast and then a cup of barley-coffee without sugar and almond or rice milk, both biological without any added sugar.
Lucy P.
I like to drink water, Orange juice, or “green machine” juice. I feel like water is self explanatory. An orange juice free of added sugar and extra stuff can be a good source of calcium and vitamin c. Green machine is made from leafy greens and fruits and veggies. It’s delicious and full of vitamins.
Wade P.
I always start the day off with 2 cups if fresh lemon and hot water. It gets my body ready for the day ahead by hydrating me and flushing out toxins. It makes me feel brighter and helps my digestion.
Samuel N.
Water is always your best choice, and should be your default drink all day every day. In the mornings I mix it up by drinking warm water with lemon. It's very refreshing and comforting, but still hydrates like plain water. You can add different fruits and vegetables to your water throughout the day for different flavors. Cucumber is very popular.
Katie T.
My go to answer is always water. BUT I know some find that boring so I would suggest any kind of 100% fruit juice with no added sugar or some tea!
Anton Z.
I love peppermint tea and find it really energising but any herbal tea is usually a great choice for a brekfast beverage. Alternatively opt for something freshly made like a fruit/veg juice or smoothie. Water will always be number 1.
Antonios Z.
I drink half a litre of milk. Along with that I eat peanut butter, oats, a banana and nuts. But since I take my breakfast at around 7 am, I am trying to fit in brunch at about 10 am before lunch so that I don't feel very hungry till lunch
Joana Z.
I find that green tea as recommended by the Fabulous app is great. This is because I recall that I have the most productive and memorable mornings when having a green tea, as compared to having coffee or hot chocolate, or black tea. With green tea though, I can only have around 4 before I start to not like the taste :). But anyway by the time that happens it is already lunch time. Then around 1pm a coffee is advisable if you would like to have it. Over-all, see what fits you best and gives you the best vibe. It can be coffee or another drink for you you know! – Michael
Frida G.
I always have organic lemons at home. Every morning I cut a lemon in half and juice half of one into a cup and top it with filtered water. I do this first thing and wait about 30-45 minutes before eating so the water has had time to digest.
Martin U.
Anything with less sugar is preferable. For instance water, milk, sugar free juices, tea or coffee (the last two only if you don't add sugar).