Sometimes, I exercise before breakfast. Is that okay?

An Bal O.
No because after it I feel dizzy and sometimes feels like I need to throw up , also a lot of pain so I at least drink something before working out it gives an energy and makes me love working out and keep up with it
Arthur N.
Of course yes! I always do exercise before breakfast. It helps me to weak up and kickstart my day. Moreover it is easy to do sport before but not after first meal. Your stomach is empty and nothing (except the desire to sleep longer) can interrupts you.
Galina J.
I think so. I'm clearly not as much of a morning person as you because I would rather stay in bed. Just make sure you have breakfast after your exercise else your energy levels will be depleted!
Vilma Y.
Yeah it's absolutely okay to eat breakfast after exercise. Because if we eat before doing exercise then we may get lazy to do exercise but if we eat after exercise we will be happy. 😊
Andrea Z.
Yes, in my opinion exercise before breakfast make us refreshing and exciting for cook different recipes for breakfast and all meals for day.
Pawandeep F.
Yeah that’s okay, I do the same eating before exercise can give you more energy so you grow in strength but if you’re trying to lose fat then it is good.