In the rush of getting kids and myself ready for school (I’m a teacher) what quick and healthy breakfasts do you serve?

Andrew Z.
Well I'm not the best one to answer the questions because I'm a college student but I usually start my day with two sandwiches and usually an apple or some other kind of fruit don't forget to make yourself some good tea!.

Minas E.
In hurry times I make a healthy sandwich made of vegetables,almond, peanut,cheese can make it ready in a few minutes and also you can prepare your healthy sandwich from a night sooner

Anne X.
A variety of fruits is always a good choice, maybe served with oatmeal and/or eggs (scrambled, boiled, or omelet are my favorites)

Eliot J.
I prepare porridge (1 dl oats+2 dl water) with fresh apples, cinnamon and cardamom the evening before and put in the fridge. It takes a total of three min per serving to get them done in the microwave the morning after.

Francis T.
Home made granola, would be one of your best options. It's healthy costomizable and filling. You can make a weeks worth of granola ahead of time so it takes very little prep the morning of. Top it with raisins or banana and eat it with milk for a balanced and fast breakfast.

Rhi T.
One thing that I love to make, and you can prepare them beforehand, is homemade belgian waffles! There aren't too many ingredients, and you can bake them days before and freeze them in bags to warm up later! I love throwing them in the toaster oven after they're frozen, but a toaster works just as well to make sure they stay crispy. Not to mention, they're super filling (some days I can barely finish one) and super customizable with different fruits, syrups, whipped cream, and more! I don't have kids myself but know when I was a kid I LOVED myself a yummy fluffy waffle!

Elli C.
I'm a big fan of breakfasts that are ready for you in the morning. I like to hardboil a dozen eggs at the beginning of my week. Two hard boiled eggs and two pieces of toast are a quick light breakfast. Overnight oatmeal is awesome because you prep it the night before and it's ready for you to eat in the morning. Not only that but it's filling and full of things that will give you sustainable energy. I'm also a fan of meal shakes. I buy a powder called ka'chava. It's honestly not suuuuper cheap though it breaks down to about $4/meal. But all I have to do is put two scoops in a blender or blender bottle with some water or oatmilk and blend it and it's a full meal with the right amount of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber to keep me full. The healthiest breakfast is one you eat!

Kimberly Z.
Anything Jimmy Dean! We love the breakfast burritos you just pop them in the microwave for a minute and a half each and then take them out the door with you.

Armando S.
you could always eat a fruit like an apple or a banana, but you could always prepare sandwiches of your preferences at night and then put them in the pan or the toaster for a couple of minutes

Br Gido S.
Museli prepared with milk the night before or yogurt in the morning topped with any berries or dried fruits is a great way to start the day

Lisbeth E.
You can have a prepared oatmeal that you made before going to bed that way it’s a grab and go. You can do that wirh making a yogurt parfait. Or you can just grab a fruit.

Abbie O.
My two teenagers are terrible at getting up and would skip breakfast if I let them, I make healthy muffins and baked doughnuts and keep them in the freezer to defrost overnight, and pre-prepare a smoothie each for us all to have on the journey.

Rom O O.
-Boiled egg and toast
-Plain yogurt, fresh fruit and honey
-Apple and peanut butter
-Steel Oatmeal heated in microwave for 1 minute with 1/4 cup of water, cinnamon, diced apples and honey

Cl Mence E.
I am an elementary principal with a little one in preschool. What I found helpful was finding something I could toss in my lunchbox and eat once in my office or even some days on my drive in. A banana, PBJ sandwich, hardboiled egg, apple and cheese stick. Not your typical breakfasts, but something!

Lynlyn V.
A quick parfait 😋 it’s sweet and filling! Use some unsweetened Greek yogurt or regular yogurt, add granola (my fav is honey granola) and add some fruit! I recommend blueberries, strawberries, and bananas.

Rafael T.
Ma'am it can be anything what my mother will give me it can be poha, Chapati with coliflour ,or any vegetable with chapati, I never drinks milk in the morning because it makes me feels nostalgic. (I'm from india so maybe you should search these things online too for photos).

Karl S.
I personally start my day with a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl. It takes roughly 4 minutes to prepare and be ready to eat! Not to mention its pact with proteins like eggs and various meats depending on what you choose from their wide variety. It always makes me feel ready for the day ahead!

Kelly W.
Cereal with fruit – we find shreddies and bananas or berries works well (less bananas for littluns who can't digest them well yet)

Taylor R.
Some quick and healthy breakfasts I use are oatmeal, scrambled eggs (microwaved to save time), or plain yogurt with a bit of cereal and cinnamon on top. Add a side of fruit or a healthy smoothie made the night before to round out the nutritional benefit.

Al Cia Q.
My new rule for breakfast (and all meals!) is a quick combo of: carbs, fat, protein. This will keep those kiddos fueled through lunch! You can bake “egg cups” in a muffin tin for the week with healthy ingredients that they love (possibly add chicken sausage and kiddo friendly veg, cut up real small). Egg cups and a cup of fruit is an easy meal that can be zapped in the microwave and eaten on the go, Smoothies with peanut butter/ or some kind of nut butter for protein and fat – and fruit can also be made ahead and grabbed out of the fridge. You could also make healthy breakfast sandwiches or burritos over the weekend (same idea here, eggs, a veg they like, even potatoes), freeze them in serious bulk and zap them in the microwave before you head out the door! Chia pudding can be made with coconut milk, chia seeds, fruit and nut butter, takes about 5 minutes (in a mason jar or small container), tastes like dessert and is REALLY good for you. All of these are amazing options for you as well!

Annelies O.
Yoghurt and berries and some nuts and perhaps oats… If your kids like it sweeter try adding in some mashed up banana as a healthely sweetener. Honey is also good of course 😉 good luck

Jes S.
I love to hard boil eggs for the week as a grab and go option for breakfast or a snack. If I am running out the door I’ll grab an egg and fruit, when I have more time I do hard boiled egg and some turkey Canadian bacon. 😍

Peter E.
I don't. I'm not in your house. Just kidding, the best solution is to have breakfast with your kids, so you can help them form the habit of a breakfast

Charlee R.
I’m not a mother but I am always in a rush to leave for work. I find that making smoothies at night for the morning is easiest. I store them in a to go cup and grab it on the way out the door. I make my smoothie recipes up depending on what I have/what sounds good to me, but I know daily harvest has some wonderful smoothies that come ready to blend. Those are pretty healthy and a great start if you’re new to smoothies/smoothie bowls.

Molly G.
I was never much of a breakfast eater, but I've started making a point of bringing a yogurt to work and eating it in the morning. It's small, quick and simple. A piece of fruit is good as well

Raquel T.
I just make cereal or have something made the night before to snack on at school (I’m a teacher as well). I’m still working on making something small and quick in the morning.