Should you eat while doing your work?

Emeline T.
I feel like you shouldn’t eat while doing your work. In my opinion it’s better to stop and take a break and enjoy your meal. Everyone needs a break from work and it helps to step back from it to get back to work satisfied and refreshed.
Mia E.
Ideally, no. It gets in the way of intuitive eating and probably work as well. But I do think that if there’s not enough time, eating while working is better than not eating at all.
Malone E.
You absolutely should! Take care of the hunger. Do not overeat however. Small, frequent meals will help you prevent overeating.
Crystal S.
You could do it from time to time, but it shouldn't be habit. You should separate at least 20 mins from your day to sit down and eat.
Alessio E.
I don’t think that is a very good idea since I’ve heard it’s important to not snack very much, but if chewing helps you concentrate maybe some gum? And exchanging your snacks for a bottle of water have really helped me.
🙂 hope this helps at all
Manon Y.
Actually, I do. I have some low calorie and energizing things like raising, dried nuts and fruits to eat while working.
Henry G.
No. Ideally, not doing anything is best, aside from eating with family. It gives me time to slow down and process when I eat without distractions. Alternatively, listening to a story can help me focus.
Victoria Z.
Yes its better to have snacks in between the work as the while doing physical or mental activities its sort of excercising and body looses enerygy during that time. So its better to have something. Also while chewing food you are pressurizing your the nerves of your brain and its sort of excercising for it.
Leo F.
Depending on the job. I work on a computer for most of my day so I find eating while I work is easy. While at my old job I was running around and doing too much physically to try to eat while I worked.
Mathys Y.
No. Focusing on either eating or doing my work is a more mindful practice. I can taste my food better, or do my work more efficiently.
Sander G.
I prefer to have my breakfast early, right after I cleanup from my morning workout. Its easy to get distracted and focus exclusively on work and forgetting breakfast. Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and gets your body fueled up so give it your undivided attention whenever possible. Good luck with your routines! I believe in you!


Ryszard F.
I don't. I take proper breaks for food. Even if it is a simple snack. I never eat at my desk, but I prefer to change setting and enjoy, even when it is just 5 minutes away from the screen
Od Lia G.
It depends of the charge of work. During lunch, I sometime eat a sandwich while working if there is a lot to do. But one meal that I never take while working is the breakfast. It's a way for me to take my time after sleeping and before starting my day.
Edna P.
Preferably, Not. Because you can't enjoy the food nor focus on the work. Focus on one main task rather than jumping into all at once
Signe X.
Yes you should eat when it on your lunch break and a few heathly snacks because your body need to run in full batter and eating helps burn the energy.
Lilian X.
It depends on how you are with food. If you have a problem with overeating, then you need to have eating be your sole focus. That way you can slowly and mindfully eat without overeating. Otherwise, a high protein meal while you work to keep you going.
Esmeraldo N.
Sometimes you have to, especially with the increasingly full morning schedule fabulous gives you.

In a perfect world, eat and experience it. Eat slowly and appreciate the nourishment.

If you eat on the job, that’s ok, because multitasking. But don’t let the meal play second fiddle. Enjoy every bite.

Jeff P.
I eat my breaksfast at home in my kitchen exploring news and notes on my phone. When arrive at my work normaly I dont eat more until lunch time.
Sheila Z.
Honestly, I'm not sure if you should or should not. I choose to do so most days. But some days when I need a break from my tasks I stop working so that I can be mindful of what I'm eating and enjoy my food and a quiet mind while I'm feeding my body.
Adam Y.
I think eating while working is a potentially good way to slow down your pace of eating, which can give you better time to feel full when you get to that point. However, on the flip-side, working while eating may be more of a distraction both from eating and from working. From eating because you are focused on what to do with your work, and you may overeat as a result. From working because you are focused on taking your next bite, trying to avoid dropping food on yourself or your keyboard or paperwork. In conclusion, I think eating while working is not recommended. It's multitasking, and multitasking has been shown to produce worse results for all the activities being multitasked.
Ken R.
I would say yes. For me, I don’t have time to at work to usually take 30 minutes, even though we have to, the nature of my job doesn’t usually allow for a full, non-interactive lunch. I usually have snacks on hand that are healthy and a variety so I don’t get bored and will run down to the snack bar. When I do eat my full lunch, it’s usually simple but meaningful food. Eating while I work also gives my focus and energy because I so often forget to eat when I get really busy or get distracted.
Tammy G.
I think is appropriate eating at your desk s long as you don't have to interact with colleagues. For non-desks jobs, that require you to supervise machinery (e.g. driving a car) or interact with customers it is more difficult
Lillie S.
No, as you won't be focusing on either of the task properly. As you'll be distracted by work, you'll overeat and still feel hungry. As this becomes habitual you'll start to gain weight. So putting off work for 15 minutes won't hurt.
Sara Z.
No. One should never eat while doing work. And. Maintaining a perfect schedule to have breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper is a good idea.
P Ricles Q.
No. You should not eat while working because you should focus o one activity at a time. You'll also have a tendency to over eat if you eat and work at the same time.
Osnilda Q.
I like to snack. Ill make some fruit salad or greek yogurt dip and fruit. Cheese and crackers. It can keep you focused. Stear clear of tje nonhealthy foods
Ronald U.
Well it depends if your in a rush and hurry. Or if you're running late or something. But it's not great to eat while working, it can choke you up and cannot be comfortable and pleasing. It could make things or places or situations dirty in case you have accidents. It's totally bad for healthy body and mind and spirit. Awful experience.
Jennifer Z.
No I don’t think that I should eat while working. The main reason being that eating deserves engagement, which is not compatible with a deep work session which requires itself an even higher level of engagement. So it would distract my focus, resulting in a loss of productivity. And my non-engagement with the food promote over eating, as I would not register what is going through my mouse.
Over time this can create a bad habit, because focusing attention is hard and requires usage of willpower and taking food triggers a rewarding feeling, which we will seek each time we will start working … such promoting the brain to seek a reward and being distracted, in the same time as snaking (increasing calorie intake, so potentially weight and lead to as health conditions). Hence, eating during working is bad because it will lead to bad physical and mental condition over time.
Tony C.
No, you shouldn’t eat while you’re working. You should take mini breaks every 30min or so. That way you can eat, rest, and recharge completely.
Marie W.
Depends on how much time do I have in that day, most of the time I need a break so the answer is no, but sometimes there is no choice
M Lton Q.
If it is counted as a break, it is okay. However if you are eating while working, this may cause losing focus and concentration.
Jack A.
If I don't get a proper break – meaning eating at a different table while disconnecting from work, even if only for 10 minutes – I will eat a lot more and I will nor be satisfied. I feel like I'm not conscious when I eat while working, and I end up eating more and less healthy stuff.
Owen T.
I don’t think so. I like to stick to eating only at mealtime. For me, snacking is a slippery slope. At mealtime I focus on my food and really enjoy it. When I’m working I focus on that and try not to eat at the same time because it can just become mindless grazing if you’re not paying attention.
Alexandros Y.
No. It is better to focus on solely eating because it is important to chew your food thouroughly in order for your body to digest it better and by working while eating, depending on the type of work, you might be moving around, which would also not be good for digestion, or even if you are just sitting down at a computer, working while eating can lead to eating too quickly or not chewing enough, so it is best to just focus on breakfast, and read an article or watch a show instead.
Ethan L.
I don't. You can't concentrate on week fulling when you are also eating. Eating 🍴 while you work also distracts from how much you are eating 🍴 and can cause you to over eat.
Oswin F.
A good question. As many say that multitasking is the best way to utilize time, I wish to differ. Like how, work needs its attention, I feel that eating too deserves our attention. Keeping that in mind, eating while working or working while eating, both aren't advisable. Even if it's just 10 to 15 mins, it's okay, but it's important to dedicate that time to eating every day. Preferably, don't do anything else while eating – no work, no talking to others, and definitely no mobile usage. Enjoy every bite of food, chew it for quite some time till it gets grinded well. Savour the experience. All the best!
Shelly C.
It's not a good idea to eat while you're working it could lead to Mindless eating over-indulgent in a healthy snack can be just as bad as having a bad snack if you're hungry eat a full meal and that will help you concentrate better while you're working
Antoine Q.
I don’t think so as you are not able to focus on the habit of eating when you are working at the same time and then you may not mentally register that you have eaten and you won’t feel satisfied.
Ka S Q.
No!, Eating while working distracts you of what and how much you eat. Eating a meal takes juat a few minutes, use it as a break from work, to refresh your thoughts.
Milka F.
You cannot eat or infact do anything while you're doing brain intense work. It's always better todo mindless productive things like watching a good movie or an episode or a great standup comedy. It will ve insightful and doesn't demand your full attention
Hazael C.
Not a meal I think but some small snacks like dried fruit, granola or nuts when you start to get a bit hungry. Keep it small and take a small break to do so, maybe make it a usual break so you dont munch casually!
Elmer N.
I think it’s ok to eat while doing your work, specially when your time is limited to get out of the house, or when you’re at work Nd a lunch break is not allowed