I eat healthy and heavy oatmeal breakfast everyday, but it is the same breakfast every single day. Should the breakfast be varied or is it safe to continue with the oatmeal?

Lohan Z.
I think, nutritionally speaking, it is fine to have the same thing every day. Variety, however, is the spice of life. You could add some variety by changing what you mix into the oatmeal. There are a lot of ingredients that can be added to oatmeal. This way, you keep your meal simple, consistent, and varied.
Ethan E.
It is safe, however, you might get bored of the flavor after a while. Just be creative and add some fruits that you like.
Hector G.
Hi! I personally think that it does not matter if you eat the same breakfast everyday. As long as that breakfast is full of nutrients and works for you! I personally know someone who has eaten the same breakfast all their life. They are extremely fit, and love their breakfast. Don’t be afraid to change up your oatmeal or add things to it if it gets boring. 🙂
Estev O O.
Yes, life and breakfast should be abundant with lots of variety. Can you imagine eating the same thing for the rest of you life. Eating should be healthy and fun. For example, I eat today a whole wheat wrap filled with low fat ricotta mixed with cinnamon and banana. Divide the wrap in two pieces, spread one piece with the mixture of ricotta and cinammon and then on top put slices of banana. Finish with the other half of the wrap and toast it on a pan. I like it very crispy 🤗. When you serve drizzle a little bit of honey and OMG it’s amazing. Super healthy, fun and sweet.
There’s a lot of things super healthy you can do. Other explample is two pieces of whole wheat or rye bread with smashed avocado, topped with poached eggs. Salt and pepper. It’s super healthy and delicious.
Give it a try. There’s a lot of fun things you can do. Stick with your favorites but at least make the goal to eat something different five days a week, and repeat two of your favorite ones.
In pretty sure you can do it.
Good bless you ❤️
In S W.
Actually, eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast is a great choice! Not only does it nourish you with many vitamins and minerals, studies show that eating oatmeal for breakfast gives you more energy than any other breakfast.
Ana J.
According to what I found online, having the same breakfast everyday is good for losing weight, but may not be very varied in other nutrients.
Apolline S.
There is nothing wrong with eating oatmeal every day as long as your other meals include fruit vegetables and proteins and other nessesary ingrediens of a helthy diet. There is a good trick to eating healthy. You should include every color food. The measure is how much you can put in your palm. You can also add dried fruits and nuts to your oat meal.
Monique C.
Routine is very important. Five days out of seven I have a savoury porridge breakfast, and on weekends I have something a little more traditionally English, toast eggs tomatoes et cetera.
Nicoline Y.
If oatmeal works for you “should” doesn’t come in to it. It’s healthy!! That said- look at your diet overall to ensure you are getting what you need in terms of nutrition. Why not pour hot oatmeal over frozen berries – change the colour of berries- blue, red or finely dice an apple and add to cooked oatmeal; add a teaspoon of chia seed or add a tablespoon of quinoa etc. Try savoury oatmeal -cook half and half with red lentils and add your favourite spice mix and too with avocado. I am a former oatmeal everyday lover but sometimes I enjoy a lighter smoothie for breakfast and eat oatmeal later in the day as a snack. Listen to your body to see what it needs.
Gabor B.
I would suggest trying something new. Like eggs or smoothies/smoothie bowls.

BUT. You can also try switching up the ingredients/toppings of your oatmeal. If you want, you can make cold oatmeal by soaking oats in milk and leaving them in the fridge overnight. Then in the morning add some yogurt and some fruits or honey. It tastes pretty different from warm oatmeal.

You can also find recipes online for things like Chia pudding and egg muffins.

Experiment and see what works for you! :')

Luke X.
Feel free to add variety! As long as it's a healthy balanced breakfast It's hitting all the right points in providing the needed nutrients for the day. The same breakfast can get kinda boring.
Katrina P.
I think your breakfast should vary each week or every few days. It’s important to change up your meals that way you are getting a different variety of food.
Carolyn C.
It should be varied like go for indian vegetable pancakes……indian vegetable idli……im Indian n being indian i more likely to opt for such type of breakfast….trust me its really tasty…

Ingried A.
Oat meal has most vitamins you body needs and is light enough to keep you metabolism running high. Which is perfect for mornings. Though you might want to add a fruit with it such as banana which will help keep you full for longer. Though if you are looking for a mix. Try wheat biscuits, it's quite cheap, tasty and very nutritional and let's not forget good for keeping cancer cells away.
Elsie P.
I had the same problem few months ago. I'm really bad at cooking, but I really care about what I put in my plate at the same time. After trying plenty of recepies and meal plans, finally I stick to the same breakfast everyday. The point is, this is not just a breakfast, but the really yummy one, full of nutrition, something I enjoy and I'm never get bored of. Even if I'm eating the same thing every single day, I'm sure it's good for my body and I'm looking forward to eat it every time I wake up.
Vicki J.
I think it's better to have different options for breakfast, so you can enjoy it more, otherwise you will get bored. You also don't eat the same for lunch and dinner every day right?
Victoria O.
If old meal is the best way I'm the one that you like the most then yeah go ahead and have every day but if you are going to be bored of it then I suggest you get a varied breakfast even if you stay on oatmeal for a week and then go for eggs in the morning maybe or yoghurt that will be like a variation if you like oatmeal maybe a vegan or vegetarian and you like the Oatmeal then yeah go ahead with it
Dwayne P.
I find it better to have a variety so I don't get bored. But, as long as you enjoy it and maybe change up the toppings I can't see the harm in it.
Kaylee F.
Honestly, I believe that a good breakfast is a good one regardless of how many times you eat it. If you enjoy it and it makes you feel full, why not stick with if? Plus, it’ll become a habit that you want to keep 🙂
Liam C.
I am sure it is safe to continue oatmeal but if you get board or burnt out on oatmeal you could start reaching for not so great stuff. I personally mix it up so I stay interested in what I am eating. With that said I only have 3 or 4 types of breakfast meals. I also like easy, healthy, protein packed breakfast. I have used oatmeal in different ways too. Blending into my smoothies, an oatmeal/PB/protein bites I love, oatmeal/berry bake loaf, etc. Get creative and make food fun.
Poliana P.
I feel it is ok, however depending on your goals you can change it up from time to time. For example swap and do a boiled egg, banana or even a protein shake. Or combinations of the above. Keeps you from getting bored and burned out on the same items. My thoughts.
Aubin E.
If it's tasty, healthy, and something you look forward to, it can be a great motivator. However, it'd be better to vary breakfast maybe week to week so that you don't get tired of it and get various nutritious foods for a more robust diet.
Nathan U.
I would say it depends on whether boredom would be am issue for you. If you get bored easily and stop doing things due to this, than maybe you should find a second and third option to throw in the mix, but if like me you tend to be lazy about things like this, then continue the oatmeal as it will be a sure way to ensure the habit .
Sotero Z.
You could eat the same thing, as long as you’re still getting your other nutrition needs met throughout the day. Do what works for you.
Aim E O.
Oatmeal is very good to eat. I would add a couple other items to really get you ready for the day. Like maybe a taco a couple times!