What’s something low carb?

Stephanie P.
Low-carb foods include:
1. Lean meats, such as sirloin, chicken breast, or pork.
2. Fish
3. Eggs
4. Leafy green vegetables
cauliflower and broccoli
5. Nuts and seeds, including nut butter
6. Oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and rapeseed oil
7. Some fruit, such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries
8. Unsweetened dairy products including plain whole milk and plain Greek yogurt.
Nolan O.
Most any meat is low carb. Unless you are doing keto then you can also look slow carb. I typically google for this type of thing.
Kristen U.
If you're craving pasta, try konjac pasta or rice! Cauliflower is also an amazing substitute for a lot of carbs! It depends what you're craving honestly, type what you're craving into Pinterest and add "low carb" at the beginning or "healthy" or "low calorie" and you'll get tons of options!
Adelindo Q.
A steak, a chicken, fish, animal products tend to be protein high. Bread, pasta, couscous, tend to be high in carb, in relationship with the amount of protein and calories it has.
Audrey C.
Something that's relatively high in protein, low in carbohydrates but high in fat. This is the perfect way for the morning to begin as it will release energy, taming the hunger and enabling further healthy habits to unfold; like exercising.
Cody W.
Meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, full-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, and some oils (e.g. avocado oil) are usually low carb. I recommend googling low carbs recipes. There are lots of tasty options out there!
Mia C.
Most leafy greens vegetables are low carb. Some root vegetables such as potatoes, beets and carrot while nutritious have a higher content of starch which transforms into sugars, therefore, having a higher calorie count. I’d recommend to talk to a nutritionist about it to learn more about nutrient dense food vs low carb diet.
Johnni Z.
Chicken breast is my go to for low carb food when I'm cooking, but cubes of mature cheese and salami, for when I want a low carb snack.
Niete S.
Vegetables are definitely a good choice for low carb. Anything with minimal sugar. Fruits and breads are high carb, bananas especially.
Catherine E.
celery not only is low carb but it is also putting more water into your brody hydrating it. so it is very nourishing and hydrating for your body
Lisbeth Z.
Food without carbs. Sugars and starch are Carbs. Carbs are in products like: patatoes, pasta and bread. Try to avoid those and replace them with salade, chickpeas, pumpkin, lentils or vegetables 🙂
Anton W.
Carbs are foods high in energy, like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes… some cards are great to fill you with energy which will release slowly, such as oats or seeded bread. Others, like white bread, cake and biscuits give you a fast sugar dump which can leave you feeling really sluggish and tired! Slow releasing carbs are the best!!