What is your favorite healthy but quick breakfast?

Brianna P.
Banana and Oat Smoothie. Healthy and delicious when made with natural yoghurt and frozen chopped bananas, so quick and easy to make!
Francisco N.
My favorite healthy breakfast is eat a banana with a little water, before to do exercise, after at 9:15 I eat eggs with potatoes and coffee
Valdemar A.
I actually have two quick and healthy breakfasts. They are oatmeal and eggs. I like oatmeal because it’s very healthy and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave. My favorite of the two though is eggs because they are fast to make, super healthy and super yummy!
Valentine Y.
During the week I like to have an apple. It's quick and easy, plus I keep them in the fridge so they're always crisp. On the weekend I like to treat myself a little and often make a smoothie. My favourite is frozen berries, low-fat natural yoghurt, a little honey, and apple juice. Just chuck them all in a blender and you're ready to go. I find that both these breakfasts are good because I can have them while I'm doing other things so even if I end up waking up late or I'm feeling lethargic I don't have an excuse not to have them.
Emma U.
My favourite quick and healthy breakfast is protein cereal with semi-skimmed milk. I can either eat it before I leave or pack it up to take with me in a breakfast container I have bought.
Elias Q.
I like to an egg roll up. Scrambled egg with a little bit of cheese, bacon, green pepper (if I have some) rolled up in a tortilla.
Kim C.
I meal prep egg white muffins and add a variety of veggies into it before baking in oven. I will eat 2 of them depending on the size and 2oz of oatmeal. I went on amazon and bought a motivational 1 gallon water bottle so i drink lots of water throughout the day. ^_^
Aj W.
Cottage cheese and fruit. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and an egg. Old fashioned oatmeal with nuts and raisins with a glass of almond milk and an egg or Canadian bacon.
Elias N.
a good idea for a quick and healthy breakfast is a piece of fruit, maybe a banana or an apple. you could also try having a protein bar or even a quick smoothie!!
Asta Z.
I always make sure to eat a balanced, satisfying, and healthy breakfast to kickstart my day. I have a number of go-to options. I like making oatmeal with cocoa powder and slightly sweetened almond milk and topping it with berries and almond butter. I also like nonfat plain greek yogurt topped with a bit of granola and lots of berries. A super easy breakfast is overnight oats, you do the prep before so in the morning you just grab and go (search recipes).
Maria R.
I bought a egg boiler that makes hard boiled eggs in less than 10 min. I grab 2 in the am and a couple more midday when I'm craving a snack.
Nikki E.
I really like porridge with a handful of mixed fruits and a glass of orange juice. Sometimes I have a fruity low fat yoghurt too.