Does anyone have any quick, easy and tasty breakfast recommendations?

Slav F.
Egg, banana pancakes. Ingridience are.. 2 eggs, 1 medium banana.. thats it.. smash all together and start making pancakes.. very easy and very tasty..
Therese S.
I think porridge with fruit is ideal for a filling breakfast but if you are in a hurry, you could grab a bar and an apple which give you the nutrients and energy you need.
D Nia O.
1 Clap rolled oats and an egg 🍳
2 Mix dill and curd into pastry dough It will be ready for your mornings.
3 Check out 'Nefis Yemek Tarifleri'it's a Turkish app my mom and I are using it use Google Translate you are gonna like it. 🌼
Robin Q.
I hard boil a dozen eggs at a time so I have breakfast in the fridge, ready to go each morning. Last week, I also made turkey bacon and ate that cold with two hard boiled eggs.
Albert T.
Pour 1 cup water, 1/2 Oats, cinnamon powder , maple syrup and chia seeds in a cooking pot til its thick. Then top it with peanut butter and greek yogurt or any fruit you like.
Lisa F.
Obe that's worked for me in the past is Omlete Muffins lol
One day that you have a bit of time just prep the mixture ahead of time 😀 once baked you can freeze them and judt thaw & warm in the morning 🌄
Enjoy 😉
Heather P.
take oatmeal, pour milk (any kind but i suggest almond milk) in it until its all covered and put on medium high heat until its more like a paste, add some other milk and chocolate and it will b sososo good i swear
Fatin U.
Yeap, I think there's a lot easy and tasty breakfast such as cereal or pancake. Not too sweet not to bitter. It is based on what you do. If you cook something that healty you got the effect if not beside.
Calvin S.
Avocado toast is pretty easy and quick as long as you have ripe avocados! Bananas or apples and peanut butter are also pretty simple and tasty.
Jessica O.
porridge!! so easy to make and also so filling. I always have mine with flaxseed and berries on top and it fills me up till lunch every time!
Afr Nio O.
A bowl of shreddies for long lasting energy through out the day topped with strawberries and grapes to fill you with energy to start your day.
Beatriz A.
Breakfast is a challenge but it shouldn’t be. I don’t always go for the traditional. I can have a smaller portion of my leftover dinner and be perfectly happy but quick breakfast to have on hand is easy with a few items.
1.Wheat toast w peanut butter and banana slices on or beside your toast.
2.Light greek yogurt with blueberries or raspberries.
3. A snack bar with a few mandarin oranges.
If you have a little extra time or like a little more traditional breakfast scramble a few eggs w a slice of toast. For added veggies some onion, green pepper, and spinach leaves are always a good choice! Enjoy breakfast it can be easy and enjoyable! Be creative!
Jennifer Z.
I love to have 2 poached eggs with turkey rashers and tomatoes for a weekend breakfast. A little spinach on the side and I'm all set to enjoy
Jade F.
Avocado toast or Avacado egg (halve an avocado, take out pit, make hole a little deeper and crack and egg inside. Top w salt, pepper and/or cheese. Put on oven tray in oven @375 for 10 minutes or until egg is done to your liking)
Tony F.
I love to make toast from a day-old baguette, sliced into little rounds and topped with a spreadable cheese or avocado. A little salt and pepper tops it off! That and/or a couple fresh strawberries are a light and lovely way to start the day
Kelly O.
I like to batch cook breakfast on Sunday, so then I have something quick, easy, and tasty to eat each weekday morning. Baked oatmeal, breakfast burritos, and frittatas are some of my favorites.
Irisi I.
I mix: fruit yogurt (I really like the peach one), a banana, a bit of cereal, some nuts (I usually have walnuts) and top it with some honey.
Domingos Q.
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Gerta M.
You can prepare an oat-based breakfast the night before! So you'll have the quickest breakfast ever! (Oat+ milk of your choice+ fruits like banana/berries/fig/mango+ maybe honey as sweetener+ chia seeds) but it should rest over night!
Morana N.
All my breakfasts are quick and easy because I don’t have much time (every recipe is done in under 10 min):
1. eggs sunny-side-up plus piece of bread or some veggie (cherry tomatoes, peppers)
2. avocado (with a splash of lemon) and toast
3. healthy sandwich – toast, thin layer of butter, turkey breast, green salad, peppers
4. oatmeal – 3 spoons of oats, pour over hot water, add forrest berries or bananas, almonds, cinnamon, chia seeds (ready in 7 mins!)
5. apple, toast with 1-2 spoons of peanut butter
Elle F.
Apple and almond butter is amazing! The almond butter is really filling and the sweetness of the apple makes it a great breakfast in my opinion!
Eva J.
1. Yougurt with table spoon chia
2. 2 boiled eggs or
3. 4 table spoons oatmeal with 50 grams of feta- just pour boiling water into a bowl with oatmeal, soak for a minute, add the feta mix and enjoy!