What’s would be a good starter meal for someone who is notorious for skipping breakfast?

Aur Lien Q.
Anything sweet around the house that is easy to eat, meaning that it won't take time to prepare or even be hard to peel, like a banana or an apple or some mixed nuts
Leon B.
So I have trouble getting up early in the morning to make time for breakfast, what I usually do if I’m running late to work or something is just grab a handful of nuts (any nuts) or a banana and take it with you when your heading out.
Signe Z.
Even If you are not hungry try to eat at least something small like a fruit,yoghurt,toast,a smoothie or something like this 😉 But please don‘t skip breakfast because you will destroy your metabolism
Cl Mentine P.
Depends on their reason for skipping breakfast. I enjoy cereal, but I also don't enjoy eating in the morning because then I'm starving the rest of the day and can't eat enough food. I'm very likely to binge. If I wait until lunch, then my metabolism isn't in overdrive.
Protein/breakfast/meal replacement bars aren't a meal. Fruit isn't a meal. Nuts aren't a meal. They will all leave me unsatisfied and craving something else.
Diane Y.
frying an egg. maybe adding some cheese, meat, veggies, a sauce and bread or wrap.
fruit smoothie or protein drink.
yogurt, fruit and granola.
Caroline U.
I usually go to YouTube to do my stretches…I found seated clasping neck stretch and shoulder rolls are great for easing stiffness in my neck and shoulders …also shoulder lifts