I do exercise in the morning. Do you guys eat before or after exercising?

Cherly C.
that depends on a couple of things … what kind if exercise I'm going to be doing, how long I'll be, what time I get up and how I feel when I get up. If it's really early when I get up and it's a quick work out before getting ready for work then I might not eat or will only have something small like a banana or a yogurt before hand. A big hike that I'll do for an hour or so but with driving time it will be a few hours before I can eat … then I'll definately eat before hand.
Hans Willi R.
For me a good breakfast is a treat I give myself after exercising. When I eat first I don’t usually feel like exercising anymore. But It really depends on how muchh hungry you are and how it works best for you. 🙂 good luck buddy!
Marshall Q.
I usually eat after workout, first, because my time is limited and second, because I’m not used to eat immediately after I get out of bed, I usually feel bloated if I do so. What I do is drink a cup of coffee (and plenty of water before/during/after workout). However, if you will try it I recommend to start with a nonintense workout, because you may not know how your body will react (if you’re used to work out after having food)
Quintino I.
After. I found that if I eat, I tend to delay the exercise as I start telling myself I can’t exercise right after eating. For me, it’s better to exercise first thing in the morning.
Daisi A.
I found eating after exercise works best. When your stomache is full some of your energy is being used in digestion and the physical feeling trying to move with food in your stomache is uncomfortable.
Yvonne A.
I would eat after exercising because my metabolism would be working faster, then, and also, if I eat just before I exercise, I get cramps.
Mathias E.
I always excercise after I eat, I have a very difficult time doing it before because I get so hungry that I feel sick and I can’t put enough effort into it.
C Lia T.
I tend to eat after exercising as I feel a bit sloshy if before and if I've sat down to eat, I don't want to get up to exercise 😀
Amalie Y.
For a very early morning session in the gym I would normally eat afterwards. However, if I am power walking outside in the fresh air I will eat before
Carmim Z.
Weekdays (shorter workouts) I have coffee and light breakfast afterwards. Weekends I workout mid morning or early afternoon. With a larger breakfast afterwords
Vera Z.
I exercise after I eat. I also find that I have better workouts in the afternoon as opposed to immediately in the morning. I have adjusted my goals so that my workout happens in the afternoon.
Mery T.
30-45 mins before my workout, I have something small like a banana, a mug cake (15g oatmeal, an egg, half a banana and some honey; microwave 1:45 at 1000 watts) or a protein shake.
S Nio Q.
I eat after exercising, no particular reason, more than to really make sure I do it since it’s my most recent addition to my morning routine.
Pauline E.
I eat a heavy breakfast, wait about half an hour, then exercise. This way I burn those calories and add to my muscle without feeling like there’s lead in my stomach.

I hear eating oranges before and bananas after workouts are good for you. Oranges protect against damage and bananas restore energy. Google that to make sure I’m right.

Simon X.
Sometimes even during. My exercise is a dance in the morning or running out dancing later when I'm at meetings.

If it's all me, then I wake up, drink my water, start exercising and then relax with breakfast and a shower.

Abigail G.
I generally exercise between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm so, I prefer to have a healthy breakfast before my workout and post my workout, I replenish my body with a protein smoothie 🙂
Zoe W.
Has to be before something substantial like a bowl of oatmeal. I make instant or overnight oats . A grainy slice of toast with peanut butter
Hannah W.
I prefer to exercise first, but can only do a bit before I get too hungry. So, up to 15 minutes, exercise first, otherwise switch it up.
Corey P.
Don't really exercise in the morning, but would like to start walking my dog so hopefully that will change. Generally no good before any exercising.
Terry Y.
It depends for me. I try to avoid eating near meals so if I exercise in the morning I try to exercise a few hours after breakfast.
If this is not possible, I eat something very light like an apple, just to quench the hunger and after the workout I eat something more interesting such as eggs or a rich bowl of cereals and many fruits. Bread with cheese and so on.
Lukas Y.
I am trying to build my morning exercise habit before I eat because I can feel pretty sick otherwise. I am only doing light exercise though rn and I'm a bit concerned that I'll need to eat first when my exercise gets more demanding. I'm hoping that I will improve my diet when I get to that point.
Loane Y.
I try to avoid to eat heavy food before doing exercise because sometimes I feel like vomiting. Maybe eat a banana 30 min before to start is OK.
Klaus Ulrich F.
I exercise after eating, but it deferres from each person to the other, some people can't do that since it might cause them pain in their stomach. I don't know which is the healthier way though
Lynn O.
Right now, I'm building my routine trying to remove obstacles and help willpower; so I'm exercising as soon as I wake up; when my routine is consolidated, I think I'll exercise at least an hour after breakfast, to have more energy for a longer exercise. As a "final" goal, I aim to find time for exercise aside from my "morning enthusiasm". I wish you a good journey!
Roberto S.
Most mornings I prefer to eat before excercising- although recently I’ve started doing yoga while things are on the stove (my kitchen is my practice space)
Nathaniel F.
I exercise before breakfast, because I don't like to exercise with a full stomach. I mostly do a short exercise in the morning (max 20-30 minutes), so I have enough energy to do that without having had anything to eat yet.
Violetta E.
It depends on what your goal is and what you’re doing. If you’re trying to lose weight fasting cardio is great; otherwise eating something small (like a banana or a protein shake) 30 minutes before working out is helpful in giving you a small boost of energy.
Martiniano E.
It depends on what I’m doing, for cardio I wouldn’t eat so much, as long as you’re not eating till you're full it doesn’t usually matter though
Emil I.
Depends on how far I’m running. I’ll do an Rx Bar before 3-6 mile runs. If I’m going longer than that, then I’ll wake earlier and have some oatmeal and fruit. If shorter, then I’ll eat afterward.
Geruza Z.
I don’t eat before exercising. I make exercising my go to when I wake up. If I have to eat before exercising, I will come up with more excuses not to. I will procrastinate until I won’t have time.
Tomothy Y.
I eat after my exercise, because the food won't bother me during my workout. And I don't need to consider time inbetween.
Imke S.
I feel like you should be eating after exercising because if you were to eat too much beforehand, you might feel groggy right? And then when you eat after, you might still feel really good after the workout, so you’ll probably watch how much you eat
Ernest Y.
Eating after exercising works best for me because it is a simpler approach. Breakfast doesn’t become a hinderance or obstacle to doing exercise. Also, I enjoy exercise more on an empty stomach instead of a full stomach. A bonus is that I also want a smaller breakfast after exercise!
Maddison T.
I eat only after exercise as the time is very limited before it. I make sure that I drink a lot of water before exercising.
Victor C.
Well, I train first, then showering and eating with a much better conscious – and I eat more healthy after Training since I don’t want to “destroy” a good Training with bad food. I also keep fruit in my back if I get tempted later. Training first gets me on the right track
R Damas P.
I eat after working out, but I make sure to hydrate before and during. I drink about a cup of water (250ml) before and also one during working out. Water also films your stomach.
Oc Ane T.
This is a problem for me too…I really need to eat when I get up so I usually train around 12, even if it would be much more useful to train earlier, so that I have the rest of the day “free”…
I think I will try to eat just a mini snack when I get up, train, and then have my breakfast when I am back at home (9.30-10…)!
Sara C.
I usually eat after exercise, but for a highly intensive sessions I try grabbing something high on carbs about 20 minutes before.
Bet Nia E.
I eat after. I wake up so early to go to the gym that I’m not even thinking about food yet. I eat a decent breakfast after I’m done instead.
Sophie Z.
I eat after, only because i work out first thing when I wake up and I'm usually not hungry yet and I don't want to work out on a full stomach
R Diger C.
If I’m doing a shorter workout (like under an hour) I eat afterward because if I exercise on a full stomach I sometimes have GI issues. I’ll eat a small meal before a longer workout to have more energy. But I still try to wait an hour between eating and starting my workout.
Vincent U.
Usually i eat after exercises cause i prefer to sleep for 20-30 minute at morning, not to cook smthng. And after exercises i drink first coffee cup and eat
Ngue Z.
I generally exercise before I eat and then eat immediately afterwards . If I’m super hungry that morning, I’ll grab a banana or something really light and eat a full breakfast after.
Eva F.
I try to have something yummy before I exercise that will give me a bit of energy, like coffee or a matcha latte. I’ll have a breakfast smoothie with protein after I workout to fill me up and repair muscles. I’m really not sure how this will work if I try to do the fasting.
Estef Nia F.
I prefer eating after working out. Eating before a workout increases my risk of throwing up or my stomach feeling unsettled. After a workout, I am already burning calories and the food I then consume is incorporated into that.
Karla Z.
I eat after, often when I get to work. I get up, take my medicine, exercise, then shower and get ready for work, and either eat or bring my breakfast with me and eat it when I get to work, depending on what time it is. I have ADHD and my work is super strict about tardiness. We have no grace period. So if I clock in even 1 minute late I’ll get written up. If I ate before, I would risk running out of time to excercise before I had to get ready for work, and then I wouldn’t get to exercise at all. Especially since with my ADHD I would be prone to daydreaming while eating breakfast. So this works out better for me. Because breakfast I can bring with me if I run short on time, but I can’t bring my treadmill and shower to work. Lol.
Gabor N.
I personally don’t think one should exercise on an empty stomach but with that being said a well timed snack is probably best at least 30 minutes before you begin your workout.

And it’s always important to eat after a workout, lean protein is best but anything healthy is fine.

Sophia Z.
It is much more easier for me to exercise on an empty stomach, so i do it before eating. Changed the order of habits as well. Maybe app should ask for your preferences at some point.
Oliver C.
After. If I eat first, and then do exercise, my stomach protests. That means i have to wait for an hour after eating and then I can do the exercise. But in that hour I get distracted, which means I never exercise. Now I exercise before I get dressed so I can shower the sweat off, and before my breakfast so my stomach doesn't protest.
Alberico Q.
I eat something before iT depens on what kind of exercise you do… of it’s not so intense you van eat a Good breakfast of it’s more intense you van take something extra like proteïne afther…
Aid Q.
I do eat before exercise if there's gap between my exercise and waking up…. But if I directly go for an exercise after getting up… I don't eat
After exercise it's must…. To replenish myself. 🍎
Sara Z.
I exercise only after(in the next 20 min). If you eat before you need one hour to process the food. (I am not expert but I have been advised to do like this and happy for more than 1 year)
Alyssa S.
After exercise sir/madam. When you train/exercise on a full stomach it actually make’s you focus on what is in you’re stomach.
Lewis O.
If I get up early, I exercise before eating meal. usually, I don't have enough time to exercise, so I do it later sometime after meal.
Maxwell A.
I eat my breakfast after exercising. Before I exercise I drink a cup of coffee which keeps me alert. It helps to concentrate on the exercise.