Need tips on great Indian vegetarian breakfast items.

Freja C.
Yellow Dahl is a great way to start the day. My Indian host mother always said it was soothing for the stomach and I think it really sticks to your bones to get through the morning.
Yvonne F.
I dont know what mean Indian breakfast but i will love to eat jogurth with musli, melon with fruits in it and jogurth, smoothy
Lola F.
A former student of mine whose family was from India used to bring in the most amazing food. When I told his mom I that I enjoyed the smell and seeing the joy it brought their son, she began making me something. I wanted to learn to make some other dishes for my family, she sent me this link
Eugene Z.
I generally think just go for fruits and cereal. Fruits provide the slow sugars which last you till lunch time and working at a high level throughout
Meik T.
I give cooking classes and that is the most common question of my students.
So Indian diet or food is overall very healthy and nutritious if you eat mindfully at the right time.
To cut it short, healthy breakfast recipes are:
Poha, Upma, Idli, Plain Dosa with Sambhar, Paratha with butter/ghee (trust me , parathas are not fattening, if you eat just 1 or 2 in the morning only)
Any local and seasonal fruits with buttermilk (Please dont drink tea or coffee empty stomach in morning, it can do May harm than you think).
Walter C.
There's a lot out there, a good Google search will bring up some things, this is a list I found:

Brandon N.
Eat 4 slices of bread and jam or have a homemade bar of dried fruits with a glass of milk. If you wish have some dates and this can be a one item breakfast
Lance C.
Hi. I hope you're doing well I don't live in India and haven't been therebut I'm a vegetarian and . For breakfast, however, you can find dosas (lentils crepes) or broti (flat bread) and well, the rest would depend for example on the dios you might use. I like tahine for example, with abuot beverage. Frutos could be an option but I really don't know what they have there. Krishna's followers might know, they cook awesomely and they're vegetarian.